READ: FOX Implements Hardline Vax Mandate, ‘Testing No Longer an Alternative’.

FOX, including Fox News, has implemented a sweeping new vaccine mandate for its New York City employees as made clear in a communication to staff seen by The National Pulse. “You are receiving this email because you are a New York City Based Employee,” the e-mail from FOX Human Resources begins, before going on to outline the new regulations for working on premises in New York. “As you are probably aware, Mayor de Blasio announced a vaccine mandate for in-person workers that includes all companies in the private sector. “The timing and the ramifications of this mandate are very unfortunate,

WATCH: Tucker Hypes National Pulse Exposé Linking COVID Propagandist Peter Daszak To Google.

Tucker Carlson credited The National Pulse for an exposé revealing Peter Daszak – a key figure pushing the Chinese Communist Party-approved narrative that COVID-19 had “natural origins” – had received funds from Google for over a decade. Daszak’s ties to the search engine’s philanthropic arm,, follow months of big tech censoring stories and individuals who dared to defy the narrative that COVID-19 developed naturally in favor of a “lab leak” theory. “It turns out that Tony Fauci was not the only one funding Peter Daszak’s work on bat viruses. Google was funding that research, too,” Carlson begins, “It sounds

The Top 10 National Pulse Scoops of 2020.

It’s been a wild ride for all of us in 2020, and The National Pulse is no different. Previously the in-house blog of the American Principles Project, Raheem Kassam took over The National Pulse in January 2020, immediately recruiting star reporter Natalie Winters and turning the outlet into one of the top conservative news and investigations sites in the Western world. We want to thank YOU for all your support: your donations, your memberships, your shares, your clicks, and your prayers. Here are the top stories, by page views, from The National Pulse in 2020: 10. Major Media Organizations Take

Newsmax Trumps Fox Viewership Ratings For First Time Ever

For the first time ever, a Newsmax TV program beat Fox News’ nightly viewership. The Newsmax program which trumped Fox’s ratings was “Greg Kelly Reports.” Its Fox scheduling counterpart, “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” averaged 203,000 viewers in the key 25- to 54-year-old demographic while Kelly counted an average of 229,000 viewers. The margin of nearly 30,000 viewers was hailed as a “milestone in the cable news industry,” as viewership numbers where Newsmax trumped Fox had never occurred before.

EXC: Leaked Fox Data Shows Viewership Stagnant, Newsmax Surges

In the aftermath of a highly contested election, most news network’s viewership numbers are increasing. But not Fox News, according to new numbers leaked to The National Pulse from within the Murdoch empire. Fox News numbers for Tuesday November 10th reveal that while competing networks are growing their audiences in this time of political turmoil, Fox is not. The network also recently added Newsmax to the list followed by Fox management. Newsmax’s audience appears to have grown by a factor of five times in recent months, The e-mail, from Fox’s Market Research Manager to is addressed to: “R.Murdoch, L.Murdoch, Cavuto,

Internal Fox News Numbers Reveal Catastrophic Viewership Collapse

Following Fox News prematurely calling the presidential election in favor of Joe Biden, the network’s ratings have plummeted to never before seen levels below CNN and MSNBC. Last Friday’s ratings for the supposedly “conservative” outlet were less than both CNN and MSNBC for the first time in years, according to an internal Fox document containing viewership analytics. The numbers show that on November 6th, Fox pulled 2,266,000 viewers while CNN saw nearly twice as many at 4,009,000 viewers. Similarly, MSNBC, per Fox’s internal numbers, counted 2,983,000 viewers, beating Fox by over 700,000 viewers. Internal data reveals this slump: The numbers

REVEALED: The Real Reason Fox News Censored Soros Debate

What’s the deal with Newt Gingrich being told he’s not allowed to raise the spectre of Soros on Fox News? The former Speaker of the House was censored for referencing the progressive mega-donor, inextricably linked to ongoing riots plaguing America and the bald-faced attempts to swipe the 2020 election from President Trump. WATCH IN FULL:  Look closely – the last few moments – before Fox unceremoniously dumps former Speaker Gingrich. That moment of silence, in case you don’t know how TV works behind the scenes, is a producer in Fox host Harris Faulkner’s ear telling her to dump out of