Freedom Is the Only Thing That Works in Economics

This article was posted originally at the Epoch Times. Mainstream economics is under heavy pressure. Consistently wrong policies and forecasts have damaged the field dubbed “the dismal science.” But what do critics propose should supersede the prevailing neo-Keynesian and neoclassical schools? Almost all alternative economists are calling for more government involvement to “fix” the free market and make it work better. But there is one school of economics, once prevalent in academia until it was pushed into obscurity, that places the power to fix the world’s problems in the hands of the people. “Economists err if they forget that economic life existed

Hayek’s Case Against Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

William F. Buckley interviews Hayek on gay marriage. Well maybe not, directly … but I saw this video a short time after reading National Review’s managing editor Jason Lee Steorts’ allegedly conservative case for gay marriage, “An Equal Chance At Love.” There are many things about this essay that demonstrate what is wrong with the way we think about marriage in America today, but none jumped out at me more than this, what Steorts considered an innocuous statement: “Instead we created an institution that of necessity was overbroad for its purpose — and so we ought now to make it