Zuckerberg and George W. Bush Partner in Far Left Immigration Push.

Two organizations owned by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have partnered with Former President George W. Bush to push for mass migration and amnesty for illegal aliens, policies which favor the political left and Big Tech corporations. George W. Bush told radio host Hugh Hewitt, during an April 22 interview, that “the Bush Center is spearheading a reform movement” concerning mass migration. The former president added, “And you know, we’re talking to people about, you know, what needs to be done.” The Zuckerberg-owned organization listed on the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s webpage for immigration policy under “Program Partners” is the

On Afghanistan, Trump Finally Abandons the Bush-Obama Message

… The American people are weary of war without victory. … Our troops will fight to win. We will fight to win. From now on, victory will have a clear definition:  attacking our enemies, obliterating ISIS, crushing al Qaeda, preventing the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan, and stopping mass terror attacks against America before they emerge. … Ultimately, it is up to the people of Afghanistan to take ownership of their future, to govern their society, and to achieve an everlasting peace. We are a partner and a friend, but we will not dictate to the Afghan people how to live,

An Open Letter to President George W. Bush

Dear President George W. Bush, Hey, Mr. President! Great to hear from you. We’ve missed you these past eight years. It would be great to have heard from you on Obamacare, the stimulus, the debt ceiling, Benghazi, or any of the other 32 crises and scandals during President Obama’s two terms. Oh well! Haha! Don’t get me wrong, we’re glad to hear from you now! But still, it’s hard not to find it a little strange that you went dark for so long… and waited to lodge your first critique against a sitting president until he was a Republican. Now, hear

George W. Bush on Ted Cruz: “I Just Don’t Like the Guy”

It was a typical night at a Bush campaign fundraiser…until Jeb’s older brother laid into Ted Cruz. Donors attending the Denver fundraiser reported that George Bush’s half hour of unscripted remarks and off-the-cuff jokes remained “pretty pleasant” when speaking about the other candidates, including Trump, who has personally attacked G.W. in recent weeks for his leadership in the Iraq war. Moving on to his own state’s senator however, he said, “I just don’t like the guy.” Donors said that Bush was especially critical of Cruz’s alliance with Trump during his event at the Capitol to oppose the Iran deal, saying