Lead Scientist For COVID Vaccine Vial Maker Indicted For Stealing Technology For China.

A former lead scientist for Corning Inc. – a technology company manufacturing glass vials for COVID-19 vaccines – was indicted for stealing company technology for use in China, including Chinese Communist Party-sanctioned business ventures.  Corning’s Wang Ji was indicted on charges of economic espionage, theft of trade secrets, and unlawful exports. Wang, who worked for the company from 1998 to 2019, was a lead scientist on a Corning project developing optical laser fibers to attack hostile drones, which counted $16 million in funding from the U.S. government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). He allegedly stole files relevant to the project to set

Nine MS-13 Members Indicted For Crimes Including Seven Murders.

A federal grand jury from Nashville, Tennessee, returned a 60-count indictment on July 28, charging nine La Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang members with violent crimes, including murder, and “a racketeering conspiracy spanning more than seven years.” The indictment is a second superseding one, and the names of the nine indicted MS-13 members, according to the Department of Justice, are Jason Sandoval, aged 35, aka “Bin Laden,” Carlos Ochoa-Martinez, 31, aka “El Serio,” Jorge Flores, 29, aka “Peluche,” Kevin Tidwell, 28, aka “Miklo,” all of Nashville; Luis Colindres, 24, aka “Listo,” Jose Pineda-Caceres, 22, aka “Demente,” Franklin Hernandez, 22, aka “Happy,”