Jindal: “An Unprecedented Assault on Religious Liberty”

At the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit that took place on Saturday, Governor Jindal discussed religious liberty and marriage: We are seeing an unprecedented assault on our religious liberty rights in the United States of America.  A little over a year ago in February at the Reagan library I gave a speech about the upcoming assault on religious liberty.  It’s no longer upcoming folks, it is here. And it didn’t start in Indiana and Arkansas, it didn’t start in the Hobby Lobby case where the Obama administration wanted to force the Green family to use their own money to pay for

Fiorina Stands Strong on Life in Iowa

At the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit this past Saturday, Carly Fiorina continued her unabashed advocacy for the sanctity of life. In fact, much of the focus of her speech was centered on the issue of life. Fiorina’s willingness to fly in the face of, not only the left’s construct of a so-called Republican “War on Women,” but also many conservatives who feel that it would be best not to talk about life, has elevated Fiorina to a standing that makes her one of the most influential and effective voices on life as of late. During her remarks to

Rubio at Iowa’s Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit

We will be posting transcripts on what candidates in Iowa said about life, marriage, and religious liberty at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit that took place on Saturday.  Here is Sen. Marco Rubio on life: …ours was not founded on a political idea. Our nation was founded on a spiritual principle. And here is the spiritual principle it was founded on: That every single human being was born with rights given to them by God. To life, to liberty, and to pursue happiness. This is a principle that sometimes we—I include myself who have only known this country—may