A National Embarrassment. An Unadulterated Farce. The January 6th Committee Makes a Mockery of America.

Yesterday’s partisan committee hearing on January 6th was nothing short of a national embarrassment. No doubt the January 6th riots were, too. Had pipsqueak Pence done his job, the country would look far different today. But two wrongs don’t make a right. How Democrats continue to abuse their power for the partisan persecution of their political opponents will remain a stain on America’s body politick for generations to come. The most humiliating moments – especially for the audiences watching from around the world – saw all four “stars” of the “show” crying for the television cameras. Harry Dunn, Adam Kinzinger,

HYPOCRITES: Dem Impeachment Leader Attempted to Block Trump Election Certification (Video)

Lead House impeachment manager Jamie Raskin objected to the certification of Florida’s electoral college votes in 2017. A stunning display of hypocrisy, Raskin voiced his objection during the certification of President Trump’s victory in January 2017. “I have an objection because 10 of the 29 electoral votes cast by Florida were cast by electors not lawfully certified because they violate Florida’s prohibition against dual office holding,” the Maryland representative noted before then-Vice President Biden interjected. Biden vetted Raskin’s objection to ensure it was “in writing” and “signed by a senator.” Raskin failed to obtain a senator’s signature, prompting Biden to