Betsy DeVos Just Delivered a Promising Speech. Will Her Actions Back It Up?

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos gave an interesting speech to the American Enterprise Institute last week. In some parts, it contained rhetoric that skeptical conservatives have been waiting to hear. Yet, other parts toed the corporate-establishment, ed-tech, education-as-workforce-prep line that previous administrations of both parties have pursued. Here is a brief review. The Positives First, we commend Secretary DeVos for unabashedly stating the obvious — that the unconstitutional federal control of education has been an utter failure: The bottom line is simple: federal education reform efforts have not worked as hoped. That’s not a point I make lightly or joyfully. Yes, there

Another Common Core Apologist Opts Out of Trump Admin Job

Prominent Indiana businessman Alan Hubbard just recently announced his withdrawal from consideration as Deputy Secretary of Education, the number two position under current Secretary Betsy DeVos. In his statement, he cited the significant financial sacrifice his family would need to make as far as selling assets for him meet ethics requirements in order to take the job. This is fabulous news for parents, citizens, and activists fighting against the Common Core/Fed Ed machine. Hubbard is a strong ally of both Betsy DeVos and the pro-Common Core American Federation for Children, as well as working closely Jeb Bush and with disgraced

2 Reasons Why DeVos’ Education Reform Plan Would Be a Disaster

Charter school and voucher expansion has been a hot topic across the nation at both the state and federal levels. Interest and grave concern about this expansion, especially at the federal level, has intensified from all points on the political spectrum in light of several recent developments: Florida’s bill serving as a trial run, the release of President Trump’s first federal education budget, Secretary DeVos’ recent testimony and speech, and the Jeb Bush-led promotion of these ideas. Betsy DeVos is very correct when she remarked in her prepared testimony about the federal education budget at the US House Appropriations Committee this

Common Core Charter Schools? Why Jeb Bush’s Latest Scheme Won’t Work

It is no secret that Jeb Bush and his close friend and ally, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, are huge fans of charter schools. Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s Future (FFF) and his national Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE) are pushing charter-friendly laws in a number of states, with Florida being a major example. There is a dizzying array of charter bills in Florida this legislative session, with several slated to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds diverting funding away from public schools. Some were publicly vetted for only a few minutes in appropriations committees instead of substantive

Did Betsy DeVos Just Steal Jeb Bush’s Common Core Talking Points?

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos just can’t seem to avoid making misleading statements on Common Core. After suggesting — falsely — on a couple occasions that Common Core is no longer an issue, she repeated this claim yesterday, along with a statement which appeared to imply states which have moved away from Common Core may be setting the bar too low: “Well, with the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act [ESSA], in essence, Common Core is not a national program or mandate anymore,” said DeVos. “Power has been returned to state and local entities to be able to decide

There He Goes Again: Jeb Bush Still Interfering in Education

There is no doubt that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush supports Common Core and the privatization of public schools with imposition of the Common Core on private schools. There is also no doubt that his support for these disastrous education policies scuttled his presidential campaign. So why is he continuing to push such terrible policy ideas through his state and national foundations, as well as through his close ties to his friend and fellow board member Betsy DeVos at the U.S. Department of Education (USED)? To answer that question, we need to look more in detail at one particular policy

The Government’s Latest Education Experiments Are Truly Scary

The nanny-state-sponsored, womb-to-tomb effort to manage, assess and track everything about your young children — including their attitudes, values, and beliefs — is moving ahead at break-neck speed. Here is more news from that broad front. Turning Teachers Into Pyschologists On the federal level, there has been a huge push to impose social emotional learning (SEL) standards in K through 12. This is being worked through ESSA that encourages the use of mindsets and other SEL parameters in mandated accountability plans and the 2017 administration of the NAEP that also plans to survey mindsets and via a national commission. And, the Strengthening

Frustrated Jeb Bush Still Won’t Give Up on Common Core

Jeb Bush is disgruntled. The grand Common Core edifice is crumbling around him, and he can do little other than lash out at the people responsible. He did so last week in a forum held at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he has spent several weeks co-teaching a class on education reform. During the 93-minute conversation, Bush advocated a number of reform-y ideas, such as school choice (the tax money should follow the child), digital learning (technology should be “integral to the learning experience”), expanded preschool (with training for teachers to handle “every interaction with a four-year-old”), and

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