Jim Webb’s Departure Silences Democrat Debate

The mulling is done. Jim Webb is out of the running for the presidency as a Democrat and positioned to run as an independent if he so chooses. He has jumped the Democrat ship, one I wished he’d stayed aboard if only to engage the debate about the party’s hard turn toward socialism. Once the media boomlet surrounding Webb’s defection has passed (wait for it…okay, now), it will be left to the Republicans, who are having their own issues controlling the helm of their party, to point out the fiscal, national security and social icebergs dead ahead should Dems prevail

Biden Says He Will Not Run!

Biden just refused to jump in. Jim Webb just dropped out. It looks like Bernie Sanders is the only alternative to Hillary Clinton. This is good news for the GOP, I think. Hillary is the ultimate insider in the ultimate year of voter rebellion against insiders. Maggie Gallagher is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project.

Hillary Won the First Dem Debate Because the Others Are Even More Terrible Candidates

The consensus of the talking heads is that Hillary Clinton was the clear winner in last night’s Democratic debate. But some focus groups and online polls suggested that Bernie Sanders held his own. Clearly, she did better last night than she has so far in her controversy-mired campaign. There were some sharp exchanges, but none of the other candidates managed to damage her. In one sense, Clinton prevailed because her opponents were so weak. For example, conservative commentator Erick Erickson observed, “I’m still amazed the other four candidates made Hillary Clinton come off as the likable, reasonable, responsible Democrat.” National