The Battle for TN-5: Trump Defends Ortagus Pick and Suggests Robby Starbuck Voted for Obama… Except He Didn’t?

President Donald J. Trump defended his controversial endorsement of former State Department official Morgan Ortagus on Newsmax this week, going so far as to claim that her opponent in the Republican Primary for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District, Robby Starbuck, voted for Barack Obama. Except, according to Starbuck, no such thing ever happened. Trump, who has endorsed a number of former Democrats including ex-Obama donor Kari Lake (AZ), took to the airwaves on Tuesday to offer his thoughts on the decision that has roiled his MAGA base: “Well, I didn’t know Robby Starbuck; I have known Morgan; she’s been in the

EXC: Biden Campaign Co-Chair in Emails That Call John McCain ‘A**hole’, ‘Cranky Old Man’… ‘Despise Him’

An email thread involving Hunter Biden, his business partner Eric Schwerin, Beau Biden, former Senator Ted Kaufman, and Deputy Counsel for then-Vice President Joe Biden Alexander Mackler contains reference to the late Senator John McCain as an “asshole” and “cranky old man.” The news comes shortly after Cindy McCain – Senator McCain’s widow – endorsed Joe Biden’s campaign. Biden himself said the endorsement was “because of what (Trump) talks about how my son [Beau] and John and others who are heroes.” On December 4th of 2014, Schwerin forwarded the news that the late Arizona Senator McCain has “blocked” one of

Bill Hagerty Maxed Out Donations To John McCain At Peak Of Trump Feud

Tennessee Senate wannabe Bill Hagerty donated to John McCain’s SuperPAC at the peak of the late Senator’s feud with then-candidate Trump, symbolic of Hagerty’s establishment Republican views he’s now trying to conceal. It’s the latest evidence proving the Romney and Bush campaign staffer’s sudden pro-Trump, anti-establishment shift is not rooted in support for the president’s populist agenda but rather calculated for votes. The news is in addition to the fact Hagerty’s first choice in the 2016 presidential race was Jeb Bush, followed by Marco Rubio, and he worked for Never Trump Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, using his position to garner

Trump Hurts Down Ballot Races

Back in March, I wrote about an ad that targeted U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) because of his support of Donald Trump should he become the nominee. His Democrat opponent, Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ), released an ad called “Trump” that linked McCain to Trump. It was brutal, but these types of ads practically write themselves if Donald Trump is at the top of the ticket. I wrote: [McCain] didn’t make an endorsement, he just said he would vote for Trump. Imagine ads like this running against any politician who backs Trump or says they will vote for Trump. I don’t

Top Six Things Trump Was Doing While McCain Was in the Hanoi Hilton

H/T: The Washington Post 1. Went to “work” with his dad. — During college Donald Trump worked for his father’s real estate business. He managed to graduate college with a net worth around $200,000. 2. Rode around Manhattan in his dad’s sweet limo. 3. Prowled for beautiful women at “Le Club” in NYC. — This was one of the most exclusive and insane clubs of the 1970’s. In Trump’s own words, “Like Studio 54 at it’s height.”  He probably went… 4. …while wearing something like the outfit above. — According to a Trump biographer, Timothy O’Brien, “His prowling gear at the time included

Dr. Laura’s Donald Trump Smackdown

As I was driving home from work yesterday I tuned in (as I often do) to the Dr. Laura show, which is now on Sirius XM. Dr. Laura almost never mentions politics, but Donald Trump’s insult to John McCain drove her over the edge.  I don’t have the transcript, but this is what I heard. She was responding in particular to Donald Trump’s claim that McCain is not a war hero because he was captured and spent years as a POW: “Anyone who volunteers for the military is a hero.  A hero, by definition, is someone who voluntarily puts themselves in

John McCain Endorses Sen. Graham

Scott Conroy at RCP is one the first to take the Lindsey Graham campaign seriously. Running as a McCain Republican, with a strong emphasis on hawkish foreign policy, Graham sees himself as able to come off a win in New Hampshire with a second win in South Carolina and emerge from the pack. (Even though only 34 percent of South Carolina Republicans say they want him to run for president.) Conroy writes: Graham may be a lifelong bachelor, but he has an ironclad political partner in McCain. “I formally endorse him,” McCain told reporters shortly after Graham launched his exploratory committee. “He has my