Facebook Restricts Pro-Life Group After “Fact Check” by Abortionists

Live Action, which has the greatest online reach of any pro-life organization, was recently told by Facebook that their sharing abilities will be limited after a fact check revealed the organization continuously distributes “false news.” The fact-checkers Facebook relied upon? Two abortionists. The fact check specifically focused on a video of Live Action’s president, Lila Rose, explaining that abortion is never medically necessary. Another Live Action video on the same topic narrated by Dr. Kendra Kolb, a board-certified physician specializing in pediatrics and neonatal-perinatal medicine, was also impacted. The two abortionists that Facebook relied on are Dr. Daniel Grossman with

Is Civil Discourse Still Possible?

Earlier this month, the BBC’s Andrew Neil interviewed Ben Shapiro to discuss Shapiro’s new book, “The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great.” The interview began with a series of questions about Trump, Breitbart, abortion and other hot button issues. However, as the interview goes on, the predominant question emerges about whether or not Shapiro is partly responsible for coarsening public discourse over the years. Although Neil was abrasive in his exposition of Shapiro, the question is one worth discussing in depth. Early in the interview, Shapiro got hung up on Neil’s harsh characterization

Rachel Maddow Is a Conspiracy Theorist — Will MSNBC Finally Pull the Plug?

The mainstream media spent the past two years alleging the President of the United States is a Russian sock puppet, a Manchurian candidate, and a traitor. They have accused Donald Trump of treason, called for his impeachment, and worked tirelessly to dispel the notion that he was entitled to any semblance of due process — and all of this based on accusations so obscenely ridiculous that one would think they came straight from a movie script. Maybe that’s why so many Hollywood celebrities bought into it. Here’s what we know at the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation: 1.)

Two Liberal Movies Flop at the Box Office

Two recent movies designed to appeal to a left-wing audience and misrepresent conservatives have been flops at the box office. On the Basis of Sex, a biopic based on the early life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was eagerly anticipated by liberals. Ginsburg, one of the most far-left justices ever, has become something of a cult hero on the left as they dread the day when the 85-year-old can no longer serve on the court. CNN recently did a glowing documentary about her, and On the Basis of Sex received a $20 million budget plus an unknown amount for advertising.

Jeff Flake Provokes Conservative Anger with Latest Self-Serving Antics

There are legitimate ways for conservatives and Republicans to be critical of Donald Trump. We saw a lot of it during the last presidential primaries, though most on the Right overcame their objections to Trump after he won in 2016. Nevertheless, there are still principled conservative critics like Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) who stand up for Trump when they think he is right and call him out when he’s not. And then there are people like Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). Flake came out swinging against Trump during the primaries and didn’t desist after Trump’s election. Instead, he’s built himself into the anti-Trump

Facebook Comes Under Fire for Censoring Pro-Life Ads

Facebook is refusing to run two ads from a pro-life group because they are too ‘sensational or graphic.’ The concerning content? Stories of two babies who were born prematurely but survived against the odds. The digital ads, published by the Susan B. Anthony List, featured the stories of Micah and Charlotte, two babies who were born close to the twenty-week marker of pregnancy and survived to live healthy lives. The goal behind the videos was to promote the dignity of life in the womb while simultaneously highlighting the horror of late-term abortions as midterm elections approach. Charlotte’s father, Ned Ryun,

Why Is Facebook Blocking Ads for This Film on a Criminal Abortionist?

Opening on October 12th, “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer,” is set to educate the public about one of the most horrifying abortion clinics to ever exist. Now, Facebook is diminishing the film’s social media impact. Kermit Gosnell formerly operated as an abortionist in Philadelphia. In 2013, he was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder, infanticide, racketeering, and over 200 counts of violating Pennsylvania abortion law. The film brings the horrors of Gosnell’s clinic back to light. The abortionist became the center of the debate surrounding abortion when it was revealed that he not only was aborting

Here’s Why Obama Can’t Take Credit for Trump’s Economic Boom

It’s pretty cringeworthy watching Barack Obama attempt to claim credit for economic growth under President Trump. Granted, one can understand why Obama feels compelled to argue this case — if President Trump sticks to pro-growth policies, Obama’s administration will stand out in history for just how remarkably dreadful his economic agenda was. I don’t think Obama wants to be remembered as the post-2000’s Jimmy Carter, so he’s getting an early start on rewriting his own history. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with “Obama-Economy-Delusion-Disorder” (OEDD), I offer this prescription of two red pills: 1) If the economy

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