UK Intel Launches Campaign To Combat CCP Espionage Campaigns Conducted Through LinkedIn.

The United Kingdom’s intelligence agency is launching a campaign combatting foreign espionage campaigns – overwhelmingly conducted by the Chinese Communist Party– against British civil servants. The “Think Before You Link” campaign is coordinated by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), an arm of the United Kingdom’s intelligence agency MI5, and set to launch this week. “While officials would not give details about which countries or social media platforms were of most concern, there is a long history of the Chinese Communist Party using the networking site LinkedIn to ensnare espionage targets,” Financial Times adds. “Over 10,000 British nationals have

Chinese Communist Party Using LinkedIn To Gather ‘State Secrets’

The Chinese Communist Party is using platforms such as LinkedIn to gather “state secrets” from Westerners.  “Spies are creating fake business profiles on the professional networking site so that they can identify targets and obtain classified information. Sources warn that they have offered lucrative business opportunities and enticing sums of money to lure present and former government and private sector workers with access to classified information or commercially sensitive technology,” The Times summarizes. The story highlights the experience of 56-year-old Phillip Ingram, a former colonel specializing in cyberintelligence work and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons, conversing with an account under the