Marjorie’s Media Pick of the Week: Sen. Cruz and Rep. King Leave Seats for the Unborn

At tonight’s State of the Union there will be at least two chairs left empty to draw attention to the damage that nearly 43 years of abortion on-demand has inflicted on our nation. Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Steve King will leave their seats open in remembrance of the millions of lives lost to abortion since Roe v. Wade. In announcing that he will leave his seat empty, Rep. King told The Hill that, instead of listening to the President’s speech, he will be just off the Rotunda praying in the Members’ chapel “for God to raise up a leader

Marjorie’s Media Pick of the Week: Rick Santorum

Last Friday, seven GOP presidential candidates sat down for a “Thanksgiving Dinner” style forum with Frank Luntz in Iowa. The discussions covered a variety of policy issues, but the theme of the evening centered on faith and family. Senator Rick Santorum shared a moving story about a time he believed God was testing the limits of his strength. He recalled feeling compelled to champion the life issue during the fight to override then President Clinton’s veto on the partial-birth abortion ban. On the last day of the debate, he offered an impassioned argument for the sanctity of human life. Sen.

Marjorie’s Media Pick of the Week: Rubio Flips Loaded Abortion Question onto Hillary

Throughout this election cycle the entire GOP field has gone on offense for unborn children! A great example this week comes from Sen. Marco Rubio. While speaking at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire on Thursday, Rubio was asked a question that has tripped candidates in the past regarding when a human being deserves the protection of law. Marco Rubio was flawless in his response. He clearly articulated his pro-life response and then calmly pointed out that Hillary Clinton holds a radical position on abortion. As has been the case in the past, the press frequently goes after pro-life candidates

Marjorie’s Media Pick of the Week: Huckabee Takes on Whoopi Goldberg on Abortion

Former Governor and current presidential candidate Mike Huckabee took on Whoopi Goldberg on abortion during his interview on “The View” this week. When Goldberg criticized his pro-life position saying, “It’s not your body, it’s not your life,” Huckabee corrected her, clarifying that there are two separate lives involved in a pregnancy. The audience broke into applause when he went on offense, defending the lives of both the child and mother: WHOOPI GOLDBERG: So Governor Mike, I assume that in talking about all these medical and health benefits, that you are taking into consideration, because I looked over some of your

Marjorie’s Media Pick of the Week: Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio called out Hillary Clinton for her support of “abortion on demand at any stage” in an interview with Glenn Beck this week: She on the other hand, supports abortion on demand at any stage. She has extreme positions on the issue of life and I hope that we’ll be able to talk about them. Rubio emphasized that in a pregnancy, two lives are at stake, and both should be protected. He then reinforced his solid pro-life position: The problem is that when there’s a pregnancy, there’s another life involved and that life has a right to live.

Marjorie’s Media Pick of the Week: Rick Santorum

Senator and longtime pro-life advocate Rick Santorum went head to head with Whoopi Goldberg on The View this week, and did a great job countering her pro-abortion argument.   Sen. Santorum called for defunding Planned Parenthood, and instead reallocating their federal funding to comprehensive health centers that don’t provide abortions. Santorum also exposed a frequently repeated falsehood, adding: “Planned Parenthood, for example, does not provide mammograms. Now, I know people say they do, but they don’t.” Goldberg cut in, “Yeah, they do.” Sen. Santorum corrected her, “In fact, Cecile Richards said yesterday in the hearing that, in fact, they

Marjorie’s Media Pick of the Week: Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio is making protecting life a priority in his presidential campaign. Sen. Rubio gave pro-lifers assurance that if elected president, he would stop late-term abortions and defund Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion business: By 2020, I hope we will be able to say that abortions after 20 weeks are illegal and that no taxpayer money is used to fund abortions here or abroad and Planned Parenthood doesn’t receive a penny from the federal government. He also said that standing up for life is a “human right” and transcends political and policy-making issues. He called on all presidential candidates

Marjorie’s Media Pick of Week: Carly Fiorina

Earlier this week, Carly Fiorina knocked it out of the park with an online ad, “Faces,” aimed at responding to Donald Trump and empowering women across America, unlocking their leadership potential. Tonight, she brought that idea one step further, going on offense to expose Planned Parenthood’s extremism in a high stakes debate: In her first prime time presidential debate, Carly Fiorina did exactly what we want to see our pro-life allies in Congress do: she sought to draw Americans’ attention to the undercover Planned Parenthood videos and expose the horror that goes on inside Planned Parenthood clinics across the country.