Wisconsin to Begin Funding Sex Reassignment via Medicaid in 2019

Starting off a new year is always associated with change, and the state of Wisconsin is no exception. As 2019 begins, state Medicaid will now begin to pay for sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy. Wisconsin’s Group Insurance Board originally voted to start paying for sex reassignment and hormone therapy back in 2016. However, the vote was reversed after Governor Scott Walker asked them to reconsider. This request was based on a dispute of the federal government’s interpretation of Title IX and definition of “sexual discrimination.” The board ended the coverage on December 30, 2016, and this reversal was upheld

Kasich Misuses Bible to Say More Big Government

Many conservatives and Christians are sick and tired of the left distorting the Gospel to promote its left-wing, big government agenda. Unfortunately, liberals aren’t the only ones doing it. Earlier this week, Ohio Governor John Kasich spoke to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Asked to explain his support for Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid, Kasich said: Do you know how many people are yelling at me? I go out to events where people yell at me. You know what I tell them? . . . I say, there’s a book. It’s got a new part and an old part; they put it

Sanctimonious Kasich Offers Bible to Critics of His Medicaid Expansion

I’ve written about John Kasich’s holier-than-thou attitude before, and he just keeps doubling down. This time, he’s saying opponents of Medicaid expansion need to read the Bible and that expanding Medicaid is like fighting ISIS. (I know, I’m not sure either.) If Mike Huckabee had Kasich’s attitude and talked this way, the media would be comparing him to the Westboro Baptists. But because Kasich loves to get all chummy with the media with his “forward” views on gay marriage, Medicaid, and being cool with the youth, they love him: KASICH: Part of the difficulty we have in this town is