Democratic Debate, Round 2: Key Things to Watch

As the Democratic candidates prepare for the second round of presidential debates Tuesday and Wednesday night, here are four key candidates whose economic agendas I’ll be watching for: Joe Biden Biden will likely come out swinging after his last debate performance was broadly criticized for appearing overly tired. On economic issues, I am most looking forward to seeing if he puts forward a more centrist vision than he has thus far in the campaign. While Biden has held back support for Medicare-for-All by continuing to champion Obamacare, he has held the socialist line on tax policy, stating the “first thing”

Vincent Lambert’s Death Reveals Danger of State-Run Healthcare

On July 11, French citizen Vincent Lambert passed away after being deprived of food and water for nine days by the hospital where he was being cared for. An order two weeks earlier from France’s Court of Cassation, the country’s highest court of appeal, to halt his feeding turned out to be a death sentence for Lambert. It overturned a previous decision in a Court of Appeal to return feeding tubes and water to the 42-year-old, who has been in a vegetative state since suffering a tragic motorcycle crash in 2008. His devout Catholic parents spent years fighting to raise

Does Kamala Harris Really Want to Take Away All Americans’ Private Health Plans?

One of the more awkward moments to emerge from the first 2020 Democratic presidential debates occurred when Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) attempted to walk back her support for banning every single private health insurance plan in America. During the debates, Democrats were given the mother of all lay-up questions when moderators asked candidates to raise their hand if they support banning private health insurance — translation: do you support kicking every single American who gets health insurance through their employer off their plan, no matter how much they like it? Even in a Democrat field economically illiterate enough to promote