‘Sh*tface Human Scum’: China State Media Chief Abuses Mike Pompeo, Nigel Farage… Twitter Takes No Action

The European Bureau Chief of China’s state-run outlet China Daily has repeatedly called Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a “shit face” on Twitter, suggesting he ought to quarantine in the Guantanamo Bay military prison. Chen serves as a rabid attack dog for the Chinese Communist Party. His “news” outlet is owned and operated by the Communist regime’s Publicity Department, a euphemism for the nation’s Ministry of Propaganda. The perennial Trump critic has extended his disdain for the Secretary of State, who has a solid track record of tackling the Chinese Communist Party. And Twitter – which claims to want to create

Pompeo Calls On Australia, India, Japan To Join Fight Against Chinese Communist Party’s ‘Exploitation, Corruption, And Coercion’

Continuing President Trump’s crackdown on the Chinese Communist Party, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on U.S. allies to join the administration’s crusade to combat the “exploitation, corruption, and coercion” emanating from the Chinese Communist Party. While speaking in Japan at the 2020 Quad Ministerial, Pompeo implored Australia, India, and Japan to join in the U.S.’s quest to “protect our people and partners from the Chinese Communist Party’s exploitation, corruption, and coercion”: “As partners in this Quad, it is more critical now than ever that we collaborate to protect our people and partners from the CCP’s exploitation, corruption, and coercion. 

China’s New York Consulate A ‘Major Hub’ For Espionage Says Pompeo, Arrests ‘Likely Coming Soon’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that China’s New York Consulate is a “major hub” for espionage, promising “it’s likely more diplomats and agents will be arrested” soon. The comments, revealed to the New York Post, come on the heels of the Trump administration ordering the closure of the Chinese Communist Party’s Houston Consulate for similar charges of espionage and intellectual property theft. Discussing the New York Consulate, Pompeo remarked: “They’re engaged in activities where they’re crossing the line from normal diplomacy to the kinds of things that would be more akin to what spies are doing.” READ MORE HERE.

‘Distrust And Verify’: Pompeo Blasts Chinese Communist Party As Subversive, Marxist Tyrants, Vows To Tackle With ‘Alliance of Democracies’

As the Trump administration continues to crack down on the Chinese Communist Party’s stranglehold on American business, academia, and its own citizens, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a stern rebuke of the party’s economic exploitation and diplomatic deceit while repeatedly appropriating Cold War terminology and strategy to address the threat posed by China. The National Pulse is republishing the speech, taking place at the Nixon Presidential Library, below with italic text used on what we consider to be the most crucial lines: Thank you. Thank you all. Thank you, Governor, for that very, very generous introduction. It is true:


BOMBSHELL ADMISSION: Chinese State Media Claims Coronavirus Is A Tool To ‘Beat’ Trump

Chinese state media has admitted it views the novel coronavirus as a tool to “beat” President Trump, confirming the Trump administration’s insistence China has sought political gain from the virus. China Global Television Network (CGTN) issued a nearly six-minute video entitled “Can COVID-19 beat populism?” in which the Chinese Communist Party-run network leverages the coronavirus as “another straw on the camel’s back to expose [Trump’s] hollow politics.” While President Trump’s actions on coronavirus were certainly not “hollow”, moving to suspend travel from China in January, CGTN insisted the virus was a “test” that “most of the populist leaders have failed.”

Sec. Pompeo Unloads on WHO & CCP: Alleges ‘Cover Up’, Destruction of Samples, And ‘Failure’

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China and the World Health Organization of major failures at a press conference in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday morning. Pompeo – using the World Health Organization’s (WHO) own rulebook – slammed the Chinese Communist Party for not sharing relevant information about the coronavirus outbreak, and the WHO for not policing the matter appropriately. The Secretary of State explained that the CCP has still not shared the virus sample from Wuhan province, China. Speaking this morning Pompeo commented: “China didn’t share all the information it had. It covered up how dangerous the disease is.

Will New Trump Admin Commission Reclaim Human Rights Debate?

Earlier this month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the creation of a State Department “Commission on Unalienable Rights.” This commission will reorient American foreign policy on human rights in a constitutional direction, focusing on the “unalienable rights” endowed by our creator and centering around the Bill of Rights. It also will reaffirm the United States’ commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and reflect the administration’s commitment to the family. Although many support the measure, others, particularly on the Left, are attempting to steer public discourse against the commission. But why, you may ask, would anyone oppose