EXC: Jan 6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson Called Secessionist Nation Of Islam Program ‘Absolutely Important.’

Rep. Bennie Thompson – chairman of the Congressional January 6th Commission – praised a program sponsored by a separatist Nation of Islam faction as “absolutely important,” The National Pulse can reveal. Thompson, who has also supported the extremist secessionist group the Republic of New Afrika (RNA), joined the New Nation of Islam’s (NNOI) radio program in April 2014. Ahead of Thompson’s hour-long long discussion with the “Son of Man,” the leader of the NNOI, he praised the radio program as “absolutely important”: “Your program is absolutely important to people in southwest Mississippi that’s why I think it’s so good [unclear]

The Weird History of UFO Cults, And How It’s Only Going to Get Worse.

Alien gods are the new gay marriage. A 2019 Gallup poll found 33 percent of Americans believed UFOs are occupied by extraterrestrials. In 2021, a Pew survey saw that number jump to 51 percent. During the 2020 COVID-19 panic, UFO sightings doubled from the previous year. Media hype is more potent than a Martian mind-control ray.  Even if you don’t believe in ETs or UFOs, you can’t help but rub elbows with those who do. They’re all over the place. We all know the amateurs. They quote Joe Rogan, follow Jeremy Corbell on Twitter, and smoke DMT to contact interdimensional

About Obama’s Creepy Dogwhistles to UFO Cults…

As the COVID “crisis” wanes, the media is directing our attention to the heavens in search of a higher power. An upcoming intelligence report on unexplained aerial phenomena, to be delivered to Congress on June 25, has UFO enthusiasts going crazy. In the absence of solid evidence, the imagination runs wild. We now have a beloved president-turned-celebrity fanning those flames—for reasons we can only speculate on. In the old days, UFO cultists would flip through The Weekly World News for validation. Today, they read the New York Times. As the news media fuel their expectations, I wonder how long it’ll

The U.S. Capitol Was Attacked by a Nation of Islam Follower and “GOP Leader” Kevin McCarthy Hasn’t Said a Word About It. It’s Time for Him to Resign.

Kevin McCarthy styles himself as the “GOP Leader,” but never shows any leadership. On the back of an attack on the U.S. Capitol by a Nation of Islam follower, McCarthy chose to send prayers instead of taking the fight to the radical left who encouraged this attack. If it was a right-wing attacker, he’d have been condemning it by now. It’s time for McCarthy – a coward – to resign. McCarthy is routinely comfortable attacking his own side. Whether it’s unproven or unsubstantiated attacked on Marjorie Taylor-Greene or Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy is there for it. But when it’s an