The GOP’s Healthcare Fail: Where Do We Go From Here?

Paul Ryan has admitted he and the House Republicans failed bigly. He lacks the votes to repeal and replace Obamacare, so House Republicans and President Trump have decided to move on to other parts of Trump’s agenda that might prove more popular. Ezra Klein is a liberal, but he hit the nail on the head about Paul Ryan and the Republican Party’s failure on Obamacare: [T]he real problem Republicans are facing is that they don’t like their own bill. The Affordable Care Act survived its many, many near-death experiences because, fundamentally, Democrats believed in it, they wanted it to pass, and they thought

BREAKING: House Pulls Healthcare Bill; Trump, Ryan React

Today, the House of Representatives was set to vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which would have repealed Obamacare and diverted funding away from Planned Parenthood and toward community health centers that do not provide abortions. Immediately before the vote was scheduled to take place, after hours of debate on the House floor, the bill was pulled and the vote was cancelled. The Washington Post’s Robert Costa broke the story on Twitter: President Trump just called me. Still on phone. “We just pulled it,” he tells me. — Robert Costa (@costareports) March 24, 2017 “I don’t blame Paul,”

4 Likes, 2 Dislikes from Trump’s First 50 Days

Generally, the first 50 days of the Trump Administration have been an absolute joy to watch. The media and the Left have been apoplectic as President Trump largely honors his campaign promises and does exactly what he said he would do. Truthfully, Trump has been everything we hoped he would be and more. Still, that’s not to say there haven’t been some disappointments. Here are four things I like and two things I dislike from the first 50 days: Like: Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch When the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away last February, many conservatives understandably

Hey Democrats, Where’s Your Health Care Plan?

Last week, amidst the increasingly heated political debate over Obamacare, President Trump offered an important message to those obstructing health care reform. In his remarks to CPAC, Trump stated: From a purely political standpoint, the single best thing we can do is nothing. Let it implode completely. It’s already imploding. You see the carriers are all leaving. It’s a disaster. But two years, don’t do anything. The Democrats will come to us and beg for help. They’ll beg. And it’s their problem. But it’s not the right thing to do for the American people. He has a point. Republicans, as

After Obamacare Bombshell, Polls Show Trump Gaining

In my post yesterday, I speculated that news of skyrocketing insurance premiums under Obamacare might spur a further surge in the polls for Donald Trump. The newest polling numbers being released now seem to confirm this. On RealClearPolitics, the six national polls which were taken either during or after October 25th (the day after the Obamacare news broke) show Trump’s gap to Hillary Clinton down to 3.5 points in a two-way race. When expanded to a four-way race, seven polls show Clinton’s lead even smaller — only 3.1 points. When the media focus is on Clinton and the Democrats, Trump is

WATCH: The Three Best Moments from Trump’s EWTN Interview

Last night, EWTN aired an extended interview with Donald Trump, his first with the Catholic television network. Trump and host Raymond Arroyo covered a number of important topics, including life, religious liberty, Obamacare, and the importance of the 2016 election. You can watch the full interview below: Here were Trump’s top three moments from the interview: 1.) “The person who was pro-choice is now pro-life…and that had a big effect on me.” Trump discussed his change in view on the pro-life question, describing an event with a couple close to him, including the baby they eventually had, and the effect that

Obamacare Was Designed to Fail — And It Is

Obamacare is bad deal for the young: the whole purpose of the plan was to rope young and healthy people into paying for insurance they don’t use, freeing up money to pay for us older, and generally wealthier, folks. The net result of two years experience with Obamacare is that enrollments are not keeping pace with targets, leading to rising insurance losses, as The Wall Street Journal notes: Recruitment for 2015 is roughly 70% of the original projection, but ObamaCare will be running at less than half its goal in 2016. HHS believes some 19 million Americans earn too much