Trump’s Border Tax “Kingdom” Would Have Plenty of Serfs

In a recent New York Times interview, Donald Trump was pressed on whether he was a fan of the House GOP’s proposed border-adjustment tax; the President responded, “I am. I’m the king of that.” If President Trump has in fact changed his position on the border adjustment tax, we had better hope his tax plan achieves the same success as his health care bill. The House GOP’s border tax would be a disaster for American consumers and the global economy. In exchange for cuts to the corporate and personal income tax rates, Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan calls for a new

The GOP’s Healthcare Fail: Where Do We Go From Here?

Paul Ryan has admitted he and the House Republicans failed bigly. He lacks the votes to repeal and replace Obamacare, so House Republicans and President Trump have decided to move on to other parts of Trump’s agenda that might prove more popular. Ezra Klein is a liberal, but he hit the nail on the head about Paul Ryan and the Republican Party’s failure on Obamacare: [T]he real problem Republicans are facing is that they don’t like their own bill. The Affordable Care Act survived its many, many near-death experiences because, fundamentally, Democrats believed in it, they wanted it to pass, and they thought

BREAKING: House Pulls Healthcare Bill; Trump, Ryan React

Today, the House of Representatives was set to vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which would have repealed Obamacare and diverted funding away from Planned Parenthood and toward community health centers that do not provide abortions. Immediately before the vote was scheduled to take place, after hours of debate on the House floor, the bill was pulled and the vote was cancelled. The Washington Post’s Robert Costa broke the story on Twitter: President Trump just called me. Still on phone. “We just pulled it,” he tells me. — Robert Costa (@costareports) March 24, 2017 “I don’t blame Paul,”

BREAKING: ISIS Celebrates, American Leaders Mourn London Terrorist Attack

Four innocent people are dead in London after a terrorist used a vehicle to run over dozens of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge right outside of the Houses of Parliament. After stopping his vehicle, the terrorist lashed out violently, fatally stabbing one police officer before being gunned down by other officers on the scene. According to The Sun, a publication in the United Kingdom, ISIS “fanatics” took to social media in the aftermath of the attack to celebrate: The terror fanatics dubbed the Nice and Berlin copycat attack “revenge” for the UK strikes in Mosul, Iraq calling it “blood for blood”. 3)

Paul Ryan or Donald Trump: Who Represents the GOP?

Check out this poll released today by Bloomberg. When Republican voters were asked whether Donald Trump or Paul Ryan better matches their own view of what the GOP should stand for, they responded as follows:   Republican leaders should take this result very seriously as they start to think about what the post-2016 GOP will look like. Given all that has happened to Trump this fall, it’s telling that over half of the Republican base still believes he represents their views better than the GOP establishment’s most nationally recognizable figure. Why is this? While policy differences may play some role,

Dear Republican Elites: You Can’t Have It Both Ways on Trump

There has been increasing talk among pundits about the possibility of a GOP delegate revolt, in which the delegates to the Republican National Convention would refuse to nominate Trump in favor of . . . well, somebody else. It’s unclear whether this hypothetical candidate would be someone the voters have already rejected or someone who didn’t even run. Though, of course, according to the people advocating such a move, the votes never actually mattered. Or, rather, the votes mattered until they disagreed with them. After all, they seemed plenty invested in the primary process while it was going on. To

The Great Paul Ryan Whisper

If timing is everything in politics, then Paul Ryan had a very, very bad day last Thursday as he endorsed — sort of — Donald Trump. Ryan’s editorial in his hometown Janesville Gazette came on the same day as a Mother Jones report that a Trump delegate suggested that current political leaders may need to be “killed”; as a Timothy O’Brien article in Bloomberg Review reporting on the massive ethical conflicts of interest that a Trump White House would entail; and as an AP report that Trump University employees were instructed to demand a warrant before cooperating with law enforcement. So the timing

New Poll: Trump or Ryan? GOP Voters Pick the Donald

In a new NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll released today, Donald Trump continued to close in on Hillary Clinton nationally, with the numbers showing him down just three points, 48 percent to 45 percent. This was a jump from the 5-point deficit NBC News showed just a week earlier and continues the trend of polls suggesting a tight general election race. However, the more interesting finding from the survey involved intra-Republican politics. GOP and GOP-leaning voters were asked whether they trust Donald Trump or House Speaker Paul Ryan to lead the party, and they went decisively for Trump, 58 percent to 39