CANNON: Never-Trumper David French Picks Half a Million Abortions Over Trump Being Re-Elected… Seriously.

Over the past week the Republican National Convention has done more to highlight the horror of abortion than any major party convention in history. In addition to the appearance of Nick Sandmann — the pro-life teen excoriated by the media for having the audacity to show up to the March for Life, wear a Trump hat, and smile — the convention included a stirring speech from pro-life activist and former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson. Johnson described in vivid detail the evils of the abortion industry: their anti-black, eugenic roots; abortion quotas; the rooms in clinics “where infant corpses

Party’s Over: It’s Time for Conservatives to Leave the GOP

Since the conclusion of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the GOP has been tearing itself apart. And Senator Ted Cruz is already positioning himself to pick up the pieces and put the party back together. National Review is reporting that Cruz donors are less-than-happy with his actions, however. Some are even threatening to support other candidates in future races. On the night before Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination, Cruz gave a rousing speech in which he encouraged Americans to vote their consciences. The delegates in the Quicken Loans Arena, however, responded to this statement of principle with loud booing

Did Trump Just Take The Lead? You Betcha.

Donald Trump’s speech on Thursday night, which I effusively called the “speech to end all speeches,” received terrible reviews from the elites within the media industrial complex. They called it “dark.” They argued he used a “divisive” tone. They said it would doom his campaign. And, as usual, the media elites got it wrong. Trump’s speech wasn’t intended for the political establishment living comfortably in Washington. His speech was designed to drive home a message to the average American voter, to those struggling to get ahead, to those in fear for America’s future, to those who have lost hope. And it

Grassroots vs. Establishment Battle Evident in GOP Education Platform

Although present in many other areas of the Republican Party Platform, the struggle between parents/grassroots activists and corporate education reform/data overlords is no more evident than in education. That fight is between parents who are demanding their inherent right to control the educational destinies of their children and the corporate titans, politicians of both parties, and bureaucrats that have imposed Common Core, invasive testing, psychological profiling, and data mining. Grassroots Wins Jane Robbins has already done an excellent job noting many of the same grassroots and parental wins. I heartily agree with her list of wins for our side (a

From the GOP Convention: Ben Carson, Lucifer, Saul Alinsky, and Hillary Clinton

Saul Alinsky remains the man the right most perennially loves to hate. Somewhere in Heaven — or Hell — Alinsky’s surely enjoying a fine laugh. Dr. Ben Carson, in his speech before the GOP Convention, departed from his prepared remarks. He extemporaneously added a riff on Saul Alinsky. He debuted this right wing crowd-pleaser in his keynote speech at the Faith And Freedom Coalition Gala, a speech which I critiqued at length in an essay at ThePulse2016, Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky, and Donald Trump). Here’s how it goes: Now, one of the things that I have learned about

GOP Convention Day Four Wrap-Up: Trump Delivers the Speech to End All Speeches

The GOP convention wrapped up last night. First of all, the big winner of the night: Heavenly Joy! She is just six years old. Wow. What a voice. Ivanka Trump also had a pretty good night. And she got excellent reviews. A new star has risen at the Rep. Convention, its Ivanka Trump her presence and speech reveal that it is her destiny to lead in the future! — Harry J Houck (@harryjhouck) July 22, 2016 Wow! The wrong Trump is running for President. I loved @IvankaTrump last night at #RNCinCLE (!!) #IvankaForPresident — David Meerman Scott (@dmscott) July 22,

Recap: Day Three at the GOP Convention (VIDEO)

There’s so much to talk about. So much. Where do I start? Ted Cruz Last night, Ted Cruz gave the most memorable political speech in recent memory. He took the stage to a standing ovation . . . and he left to an overwhelming chorus of boos. What happened? Watch below: The key moment comes at 19:00 in that video. We deserve leaders who stand for principle. Who unite us all behind shared values. Who cast aside anger for love. That is the standard we should expect, from everybody. And to those listening, please, don’t stay home in November. If

Planned Parenthood’s Latest Vulgar Gimmick: Anti-Trump Condoms

At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Planned Parenthood has been handing out condoms emblazoned with anti-Trump messages. “Protect yourself from Trump,” the packaging on one says. “If Trump had his way, you would have to pay hundreds of dollars a year just to access birth control,” another says. We’re handing out condoms at #RNCinCLE because we all need protection against #ToxicTrump→https://t.co/7yCAIae2ln pic.twitter.com/nGebhQ4N9x — Planned Parenthood (@PPact) July 20, 2016 One of the packages says “You would be ‘punished’ for having an abortion.'” Of course, Trump’s position on abortion is far less clear-cut than the condom’s assertion. When he made

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