A Dominion Voting Systems Rep is Sponsoring a Republican Senate Campaign Fundraiser.

Dave McCormick – a Republican candidate vying to represent Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate – is hosting a campaign fundraiser sponsored by the founder of a consulting firm repping Dominion Voting Sytems, which has come under scrutiny for its conduct in the 2020 election. McCormick is running to replace retiring Senator Pat Toomey – against candidates including Dr. Mehmet Oz –in a state rife with election fraud and irregularities. Scheduled for January 24th in New York, McCormick’s event counts over three dozen individuals as co-hosts, among which is Tony Fratto. Fratto, who served as Deputy Assistant to the President and

Bolt From The Blue: Nearly a MILLION Americans Leave Dem States to the Safer, Less COVID-Panicked South.

More than 770,000 American and international residents moved to the South between April 2020 and July 2021, fleeing predominantly Democratic-run regions of the country. Domestic residents made up a majority of those migrating (657,682) from the Northeast (389,638), Midwest (123,103), and West (144,941). The data collated by the Yankee Institute focused on results from Connecticut, with the data also revealing people predominantly migrating from Democratic-run states. California saw a total domestic migration loss of 429,383. New York saw 351,185 leave during the COVID-19 pandemic. Illinois watched 151,512 pack their bags. The data does not detail why there has been such

Obama WH Staffer Fantasizes About ‘Raiding’, ‘Bombing’, ‘Seizing Assets of’ Republicans

Kyle Bibby, a former Obama administration fellow, revealed he believed that “raiding, dropping a bomb” or “seizing their assets” of Republicans would have been an appropriate response to the events on January 6th. Bibby, a Presidential Management Fellow with the Obama Administration’s Office of Management and Budget, made the comments during an interview with The Root. “Kyle Bibby, national campaign manager at Common Defense and a former Marine Corps Infantry officer, told that had a foreign entity engaged in an attack similar to the Jan. 6 coup attempt or rallied the support of the main culprit thereafter, the U.S. military would

WINNING: Trump Approval RISES Amongst Republicans Following Partisan Impeachment

Polls continue to show that the majority of Republicans want President Trump to “play a major role in their party going forward.” The numbers from a Morning Consult poll continue to rise, even following Capitol protests and impeachment: Fifty-nine percent of Republican voters said they want Trump to play a major role in their party going forward. That’s up 18 percentage points from a Morning Consult poll conducted on Jan. 7, and an increase of 9 points from a follow-up poll on Jan. 25, before the impeachment trial began. As Politico notes, “Republicans can’t quit Trump.”

‘Totally Okay To Shoot You In The Head’: Schoolteacher Leaves Violent Voicemail for Republican Congressman Paul Gosar

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar was threatened by a caller who left a violent and vulgar message for him, insisting it was “totally okay for me to come with my gun and shoot you in the head” while promising to unleash “lots of protestors” on the Congressman.  The message, left with Rep. Gosar’s district office, follows Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi branding Republicans “enemies of the state” and an AntiFa brigade murdering Trump supporter Jay Bishop in Portland. In addition to suggesting it would be “totally okay” to assassinate Rep. Gosar, the 36-second message calls the Congressman a “real big f*cking piece