Sarah Palin’s Disgusting Excuse for Her Son’s Violence Against His Girlfriend

It’s the political season, and I want to cut Sarah Palin some slack. She and her family have endured disgusting, unjust verbal abuse over the years, and I like her, personally. But some things cannot be overlooked. I would not be discussing her son’s arrest this week except that, in the highest-profile way, at a Tulsa rally, she did something grotesque and disturbing: She blamed President Obama for the fact that her 26-year-old son beat up his girlfriend this week. Allegedly, I must say, since he hasn’t yet been convicted. But Palin did not claim that her son was innocent; she

Why Did Palin Snub Cruz?

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump on Tuesday in Iowa, leaving a lot of conservative leaders scratching their heads. The race in Iowa is neck-and-neck, and many grassroots conservatives are trying to decide between Trump and Ted Cruz. Both Palin and Cruz are closely identified with the Tea Party movement. Palin has a long relationship with Cruz, who is much closer to her on values issues than Trump. Nevertheless, Cruz was magnanimous about the endorsement, saying that he and Palin will always be great friends. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad also weighed in yesterday with an outrageous “Anybody but Cruz”

Dear Sarah Palin: This Is Not the Candidate You Are Looking For

Yesterday in Iowa, Sarah Palin announced her endorsement of Donald Trump in a twenty-minute speech that rejected the legacy of President Barack Obama and identified Trump as the agent of change for American conservatives. Mr. Trump, for his part, looked the part of dignified, honored candidate, standing next to former Governor Palin with a large smile as she declared her support. As a former vice-presidential candidate and tea-party favorite, many see Sarah Palin as one who brings conservative legitimacy to Trump’s candidacy. During her endorsement speech, Palin demonstrated her awareness of both the Trump talking points as well as the reasons

Palin, Mom of Down’s Syndrome Child, Calls on Kasich to Take a Stand on Ohio Bill

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. Host Jake Tapper mentioned that presidential candidate John Kasich has not yet taken a position on a bill that would outlaw abortions done solely on the basis that the baby has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, and asked Palin, mom of a Down syndrome child, what she would tell Kasich. Her response was emotional and powerful. For a guy who touts his tolerance of gay marriage, Kasich should stop being a coward and listen to Palin on tolerance of babies, as she put it, with one extra