Scott Walker

With the Republican primary race all but over, GOP leaders are slowly beginning to unite behind the party’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. This includes three of his former rivals for the nomination. Just days following Trump’s significant victory in the Indiana primary, former candidates Scott Walker and Rick Perry announced they would be backing Trump […]

Many have been speculating whether Scott Walker would make an endorsement prior to Wisconsin’s primary on April 5th. Would he jump on the Donald Trump train? Would he go with the establishment’s reluctant favorite, John Kasich? Nope. Scott Walker is going with Ted Cruz. And as a thrice elected governor in Wisconsin, Walker certainly carries a […]

Heidi Huber — founder of Parents Against the Common Core and Ohioans Against Common Core — is running for the Ohio House of Representatives. In a dramatic showdown, she is challenging incumbent Rep. Tom Brinkman (27thDistrict), whom she originally helped elect, for reneging on his campaign promise to fight for the repeal of Common Core. In a recent interview […]

New Hampshire is about to embark on a tradition like no other. We are about to go to the polls to elect a candidate in the primary election who will likely be a nominee for President of the United States. What most people don’t know, however, is that the groundwork for one of the major […]

Now that Iowa caucus-goers have spoken, lost in the discussion of Donald Trump’s underperformance, Ted Cruz’s ground game and Marco Rubio’s surge is an acknowledgement of one issue that separated the top Iowa finishers from (as Trump would say) the “losers.” That issue is Common Core. Cruz and Rubio have long been on record as […]

I wanted to piggy back on what Paul wrote last week about an article written by Fred Barnes in The Weekly Standard. Barnes said that governors making the best presidential candidates is conventional unwisdom. I agree. The crop of candidates who are governors or were previously governors have demonstrated time and time and time again […]

In The Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes observes that this election cycle, despite initial indications, has become a very unfriendly one for governors: At full tide, 9 of the 17 Republicans running for the 2016 presidential nomination were current or former governors. There was a perfectly good reason so many were in the race: Governors have an advantage with […]

I recently gave The Hill some insight into the politics of Common Core: Republican governors struggling in the GOP presidential contest are weighed down by their failure to fully rebuke Common Core education standards, according to the conservative think tank American Principles Project (APP). Common Core, the set of education standards that were adopted by 46 […]

Iowa saw numerous front-runners leading up to the 2012 Iowa Caucus. Michelle Bachmann was the front-runner in June and July, but on Caucus night she finished second to last with 5 percent. Rick Perry led the pack throughout August. He finished fifth. Herman Cain started to take off in the fall and led most polls […]

Donald Trump (photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Public Policy Polling released a new Iowa poll yesterday. Donald Trump remains the front runner at 24 percent. But hidden behind that good news for Trumpsters are growing signs that an anti-Trump majority is forming. In head-to-head match-ups, Iowa voters prefer virtually any other GOP candidate. Trump loses to Ben Carson, 60 percent to 33 percent. […]

Walker Drops Out

by Maggie Gallagher

Gov. Scott Walker is dropping out, according to insiders. His press conference is scheduled for 6 p.m. Eastern time. Gov. Walker has shown enormous courage as governor of Wisconsin, and we applaud his recognition that he now has no path to the presidency. An early adopter of the “truce strategy” downplaying social issues, Walker found himself caught […]

Gov. Scott Walker appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, during which he was asked by Jake Tapper about criticism leveled at him by Hillary Clinton, particularly on Walker’s actions to defund Planned Parenthood.  Walker fired back, saying Clinton was “not telling the truth.” You can read his full response below: JAKE TAPPER: […]

In the latest CNN national poll, Trump continues his surge–up 8 points since the August poll–to lead the field with 32 percent support. Carson doubled his support, rising ten points to 19 percent.  The Fiorina surge appears to have stalled: she’s down to 3 percent in this poll. More GOP voters believe Trump will be […]

WWWD?  Scott Walker says as he “reads” the Constitution, religious liberty is a “fundamental right.”  But what would he DO if elected president to prevent the totally unnecessary religious liberty conflicts now emerging?  What would he do other than support the Constitution and the Wisconsin constitution? People are tired of doublespeak from politicians. I am guessing […]

The Kim Davis saga has been unfolding over weeks but it burst into the limelight when a federal judge tossed her in jail for the crime of refusing to put her name to gay marriage licenses. These candidates, when asked about Kim Davis, dodged the question: Scott Walker Scott Walker has a modus operandi for […]

Jeb Bush’s August 11th speech at the Reagan Presidential Library laid out a six-point blueprint for driving the remaining Christians out of Syria — unintentionally, perhaps, but effectively nonetheless.  Each element of his plan for Syria was contrary to the interests of those beleaguered Christians.  A point-by-point discussion of the plan and its defects is published here.  […]

While August marked a new month for the 2016 campaign, it brought about the same result from readers of The Pulse 2016.  For the second straight month, Donald Trump soundly beat the rest of the Republican field in our monthly straw poll, racking up an astounding 49 percent of the vote. With over 27,000 participating, […]

Two weeks ago, Frank Cannon talked about the remarkable Walker slump in the polls.  Others are finally noticing: Walker’s backers see a campaign discombobulated by Trump’s booming popularity and by his provocative language on immigration, China and other issues. They see in Walker a candidate who — in contrast to the discipline he showed in […]

The Washington Post reports: Stanley S. Hubbard, a conservative billionaire who oversees a Minnesota broadcasting company and has donated to Walker’s campaign, said the candidate has promised he would not push a “social agenda” as president and is simply expressing his personal beliefs when asked. “If he’s smart, he will get back to basics and […]

In our Common Core report card, we graded Scott Walker and all of the GOP candidates based on the three following criteria: fighting the Common Core, protecting state and local decision-making on education, and defending child and family privacy. Then we averaged the three grades together for one final grade. What does each grade mean? A … […]