There Is No Front-runner

Maggie, while the CNN poll shows Huckabee leading nationally, the more interesting polls were the ones NBC/Marist released a few days earlier in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, key early primary states. While Jeb Bush has been declared the front-runner, these polls confirm he is not as far ahead as he thinks he should be: Huckabee is leading in Iowa; Lindsay Graham is leading in South Carolina; and Scott Walker is hot on Bush’s heels in New Hampshire, the one state where he is leading (Bush is at 18 percent and Walker at 15 percent, with Paul and Christie

Red Flags for Walker on Life?

Over at The Stream, the new magazine published by mega-evangelical James Orbison, John Zmirak reports doubts from pro-lifers about Walker’s commitment to life issues, based on his decision to hire several pro-abortion staffers: Pro-life leaders are planning to demand that Walker decisively demonstrate his commitment to the unborn. If he does not purge his campaign of questionable personnel — the kind who will whisper names like “O’Connor” and “Souter” in his ear — then his credibility gap on the issue of life will only widen. I asked’s own Marjorie Dannenfelser for her reaction. “A better barometer would be what happens in

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