Did Walker Really Stop Common Core in Wisconsin?

On paper, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been a critic of the Common Core State Standards since 2013, when he issued an order allowing school districts to opt out of the standards.  In an April interview with Caffeinated Thoughts and occasional The Pulse contributor Shane Vander Hart, he went into the details of his action: There is no law that mandates it. What it does, the language we put in explicitly says school districts don’t have to, and that the language in there…there is not a law that says they have to do Common Core. There is a law that says they

ThePulse2016.com Report Card: What GOP Candidates Said About Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling

On June 26, a narrow majority of Supreme Court justices struck down the traditional definition of marriage, ruling all 50 states must recognize same-sex unions as marriages. The four dissenters included the usually mild-mannered Chief Justice John Roberts, who called the majority opinion “dangerous to the rule of law”: “The majority’s decision is an act of will, not legal judgment. The right it announces has no basis in the Constitution or this Court’s precedent.” Chief Justice Roberts also underscored the “serious questions about religious liberty” the decision raises: “Indeed, the Solicitor General candidly acknowledged that the tax exemptions of some

Donald Trump Wins The Pulse 2016 July Straw Poll

The results of our July Straw Poll are in. We would like to thank everyone who participated! Our poll exceeded all expectations, as we received a staggering 15,032 responses throughout the month. Donald Trump had a really good month. He has surged to the top of nearly all the national polls, and he was an overwhelming favorite among our readers at The Pulse 2016, receiving 7,462 votes, or 49.6 percent of the vote. Ted Cruz won our May Straw Poll, and he still had a pretty good showing in July. Cruz placed second with 2,538 votes, or 16.9 percent of

When a Fox News Panel Goes Wrong

Fox News has played an enormous role in de-centering and disempowering the standard media.  So it is enormously disappointing, or maybe just revealing, to hear a Fox News Sunday panel trying to explain a lot of things. Trump’s rise?  Okay I’ve had my own troubles on that.  But when Fox News trys to carve up the field into “uniters” and “dividers,” they are in enemy territory.  Nothing will make sense if you think this way. Even worse, Dorothy Rabinowitz tries to portray Scott Walker as a “divider” because he endorses a states’ right amendment on marriage: But I have to

Is Trump Winning Over Republican Voters?

What a difference a couple weeks can make. Just two weeks ago, The Pulse’s Joshua Pinho reported on Donald Trump’s consistently low favorability ratings in national polls.  Although Trump by that point had begun to rise overall, reaching second place in a couple surveys, his favorability among likely GOP primary voters was still badly underwater. Now, Trump is leading in most national polls, including the most recent PPP poll, which shows him garnering 19 percent of the primary vote, just ahead of Scott Walker, who sits at 17 percent, and well ahead of Jeb Bush (12 percent), Ben Carson (10

Walker Fails to Endorse FADA, Stands Strong for Life

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker joined several other candidates in attending the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa on Saturday for a rigorous Q&A session on his views.  First, Walker was asked about his commitment to defending marriage, a discussion which branched into the need to protect religious freedom: I believe that we should support a constitutional amendment to allow states to define marriage as being whatever they see fit.   In my state and many other states, what we did was one man and one woman, and I think we should put that in place and I support that. Another thing that

Walker: No Nationwide School Board

During a speech at the grand opening of his Iowa campaign headquarters last Thursday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker appealed to local control. “Going forward I believe in high standards, but I think those standards should be set at the local level – no Common Core, no nationwide school board. We need to take money and power out of Washington and send it back to our states and back to our schools where it is more effective, more efficient, and more accountable to the American taxpayers out there,” Walker said. His statement begs the question — would a President Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker Enters 2016 Race on a Pro-life High Note

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will join the presidential race later today, adding to the growing list of 2016 GOP hopefuls. Governor Walker is one of thirteen declared and likely candidates to support the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Last Thursday, the Wisconsin legislature sent that very bill to Governor Walker’s desk and he is expected to sign it promptly. Walker already has a strong record of supporting pro-life, pro-woman policies in Wisconsin. Under his leadership, the state of Wisconsin no longer funds abortion giant Planned Parenthood, and health care plans on the state exchanges do not cover abortion on-demand. But

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