New Study: Raising Minimum Wage Harms Low-Income Workers

A paper released yesterday by a group of researchers at the University of Washington reveals that, as conservatives and economists have predicted, drastic minimum wage hikes may indeed harm the very people that they were put in place to help. The study,

Does Divorce Make You Drunk? New Study Says Yes.

Married people live healthier, happier, and longer lives, on average. They are better off financially and even have sex more often. But skeptics persistently wonder whether it is marriage itself that makes people healthier or whether it is just an illusion, a

New Report Exposes Flimsy Scientific Basis for Transgender Agenda

A report published by The New Atlantis yesterday casts significant doubt on the prevailing “gender identity” narrative sweeping the nation and raises serious questions about exposing children to a harmful and scientifically suspect gender ideology. The report, authored by Paul McHugh, a professor of psychiatry