These 4 States Are Taking a Stand for the First Amendment

Several states across the country have taken steps in recent weeks to provide greater protection for the religious freedom of their citizens. Both South Dakota and Kentucky have successfully passed state bills to defend the rights of religious groups and individuals, while similar legislation is also moving forward in Texas and Georgia. Earlier this month, South Dakota’s legislature passed a law that protects adoption agencies from being shut down because they believe children ought to be placed in households with a mother and a father. North Dakota, Michigan, and Virginia have all enacted similar religious exceptions; however, South Dakota is

South Dakota Fights Back Against LGBT Attacks

Breaking the logjam on conscience protection at the state level, South Dakota passed a law protecting adoption agencies from being shut out because they do not place children in all kinds of families, including gay families, on an equal basis. Nothing in the law prevents gay adoptions or foster care. It merely permits adoption agencies to recruit good families within their own religious tradition, or to prefer married families to other families. Governments in blue states have reinterpreted their gay equality laws to discriminate against religious adoption agencies who do not place children in all families equally. South Dakota joins