Mike Huckabee Tackles Political Idolatry in 2016 Announcement

Former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) declared his candidacy in Hope, Ark., today and he made an incredibly strong statement on life, religious liberty and marriage. Huckabee said that the nation has lost its way morally, and he dinged politicians who have surrendered on the issue of marriage. “But we’ve lost our way morally.   We have witnessed the slaughter of over 55 million babies in the name of choice, and are now threatening the foundation of religious liberty by criminalizing Christianity in demanding that we abandon Biblical principles of natural marriage,” Huckabee said.  “Many of our politicians have surrendered to the

Jindal Calls for Recusal of Supreme Court Justices

BuzzFeed reports: Louisiana’s Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal joined lawmakers in his state Wednesday in suggesting two liberal justices recuse themselves from the landmark same-sex marriage case currently before the Supreme Court. The Louisiana House of Representatives passed a resolution earlier this week urging Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan to withdraw from the case because “they have engaged in public conduct suggestive of bias.” The resolution made headlines for the fact that not a single “no” vote was cast — though one Democratic legislator later said some of her pro-LGBT colleagues likely weren’t paying attention. BuzzFeed News asked Jindal’s office whether the

Dear Justice Kennedy: Don’t Shame Traditional Believers

I wanted to share my latest just up on National Review: The forces for gay marriage are powerful. You have been their hero in the past, when gay people were not so powerful. The tables are turned now, as I think is clear to everyone. The LGBT community has built a powerful cultural, legal, and political movement. They are not helpless or friendless. They do not need you to distort the Constitution to win the right to live as they choose. We who believe in the traditional understanding of marriage do need your help. We live at a time when

Jindal Refuses to “Evolve” on Marriage

Well, that was quick.  A few days ago, I asked if former Gov. Mike Huckabee would be the only candidate to speak forcefully for marriage. Then, on Feb. 10, Gov. Jindal told CNN firmly and clearly he won’t be “evolving” on marriage and endorses a constitutional amendment to let the states decide if the Supreme Court tries to impose gay marriage. From the interview: [T]here are a lot of politicians that have so-called evolved on this issue – remember when Pres. Obama first ran for office, he was for traditional marriage. He saw the polls change; he changed his position. I’m not

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