America’s Dunkirk: 245 Years Ago, Real Leadership Saved a Nation.

As events unfold in Afghanistan with thousands of Americans and allies tragically needing rescue, 245 years ago this week, an American general successfully executed an extraordinary rescue–an “American Dunkirk”—that saved the Revolution. Washington’s army faced potential annihilation–all could have been lost. However, leadership, daring, and initiative transformed that critical moment into one of the greatest evacuations in history.  The disastrous leadership in Afghanistan brings to mind General George Washington’s iron-clad axiom to “not be drove”—to always seize the initiative. Washington and his fledgling army were able to defeat a much more well-funded and well-trained force in part because of their

Joe Biden Must Resign.

Just eleven days have passed since we first reflected on the “unmitigated disasters” of Joe Biden’s short-yet-violent presidency. Today, our worst fears are confirmed. The President of the United States is unable or unwilling to carry out his most basic duties. Both are likely true. In Joe Biden’s infrequent moments of lucidity, he callously compares his own personal stories with some of the most fresh and harrowing wounds the nation is feeling. Listen to his press conference from today, if you can bear it, or even find it. Within minutes he was talking about his son Beau, again, just as

REPORT: Chinese Spies In Afghanistan Liaising With Taliban To ‘Sabotage’ Peace Talks, Track Uyghurs

A host of Chinese Communist Party intelligence operatives tasked with tracking and monitor Uighur activists who’ve fled China and “sabotage” ongoing peace talks have been exposed in Afghanistan, according to reports. The news, reported by Zee News of India, alleged that the “Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) recently uncovered a dense network of Chinese spies.” The article documents the arrest of several spies such as Li Yangyang, who was harboring “arms, ammunition, and explosives, including Ketamine powder” and Sha Hung, who had “explosives and other highly objectionable material.” An additional seven spies were arrested. Li and Sha were “kingpins