Target Pays Hefty Price for Trans-Bathroom Policy

Last April, Target adopted a new nationwide store policy — allowing customers to use any bathroom or changing room corresponding to their “gender identity” —  subsequently sparking a huge controversy across the country. While large numbers of liberals and the LGBT community praised the department store chain for its progressive policy, many regular shoppers found the new policy troublesome, citing fears of predators entering the bathrooms which women and young girls used. In response, conservative groups encouraged concerned families to boycott Target stores — and they did, in overwhelming numbers. The Christian non-profit organization American Family Association was among the groups leading protest, insisting that

After Losing $10 Billion to Boycott, Target “Adjusts” Its Transgender Bathroom Policy

In April, Target announced it would be changing its bathroom policy to allow transgender customers to use whichever bathroom they choose based on their gender identity. As a result, many consumers who had previously been loyal Target shoppers boycotted the company, and as a result, the corporation has lost nearly $10 billion. Target CEO Brian Cornell has denied that these losses are related to the transgender bathroom policy. But if that’s the case, why is Target building new bathroom stalls across the country? Indeed, Target is adjusting their previously stated policy on transgender bathrooms. While Target already does have single-stall bathrooms