When Ivory Towers Crumble: A Christian Call for Political Action

It’s a sad day when practice is held hostage to theory, when goodness is crippled by perfection. In our ivory towers, presbyteries, and libraries, we parse truth and dream of the good life. We paint pictures of a world as it was intended to be, driven by faith and true love, and subject to a higher Order within which we flourish according to the fullness of our nature. But life is not lived in an ivory tower. What happens when our ability to act is jeopardized? This past year, a renewed discussion of Christian church history and community practice has

Why “The Benedict Option” Is Not Enough to Save Christian Culture

“There is some criticism of me for being alarmist,” author Rod Dreher noted last night at the Union League Club in New York, where hundreds gathered for the launch of his new book, The Benedict Option, but he wasn’t backing down an inch. “I am alarmist about the state of our culture and our civilization and of the Church within it.” He means what he call the “small-o” orthodox Christian community. “If you aren’t alarmed, you aren’t paying attention.” Even Christians at evangelical colleges, he notes, know very little of classical Christianity, as the latest phase of the sexual revolution