Eleven States Fight Back Against Obama’s “Gender Identity” Overreach

It seems like only yesterday Americans were debating whether two men could marry each other. Now we’re debating whether men are men at all, whether that determination is made by biology or by feelings, and whether women and girls who resist disrobing in front of a biological male are any better than Klansmen holding a rope. The Obama Administration’s opinion on all these questions is clear, and the shooting war (metaphorically speaking) has begun. With respect to public schools, the Departments of Education and Justice fired the first round by issuing “guidance” dictating that schools allow boys and girls to

President Obama and the Great Bathroom War of 2016

Why did President Obama use executive authority to insist that the transgendered be allowed to use school bathrooms and shower room facilities of the gender with whom they identify? The GOP does not fully grasp this. Neither does Time magazine, which devotes its May 30, 2016 cover to the topic: “Battle of the Bathroom: From schools to statehouses, what’s really at stake.” Even Michael Scherer, the author, fails to grasp the full significance. Scherer attaches to it this anodyne meaning: As so often happens, the thousands of transgender Americans who struggle daily to find acceptance may soon become figureheads in a

Obama’s ‘Gender Identity’ Mandate Would Usher in 21st Century Newspeak

This may be the first time in history a government project is ahead of schedule. George Orwell wrote in 1984 that the State-created language of Newspeak would be implemented in the nation of Oceana by 2050. But here it is only 2016, and in its effort to erase sex differences in schools, the Obama administration has already made an excellent start in imposing its Newspeak code. “The purpose of Newspeak,” Orwell wrote, “was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the devotees of IngSoc [English socialism], but to make all other

Obama Admin Announces New Rule Requiring All Hospitals to Perform Abortions, Sex Changes

So . . . at what point do we start fighting back? Last Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a new rule in relation to Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, which will require all hospitals to perform abortions and sex change operations under the auspice of Title IX protections, or lose their federal funding, which includes Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. The rule did not include an exemption for religious freedom, although HHS does admit that “existing protections for religious freedom and conscience” may still apply — an ironic admission given the administration’s unwillingness to

Trump on Transgender Bathroom Issue: “Leave That Up to the States”

Last Friday, the Obama administration sent out a letter threatening public schools with the loss of federal funding if they refuse to submit to the left’s radical transgender ideology. That morning, Donald Trump responded to the directive in several television interviews, signaling personal ambivalence on the issue but stressing that it should be left up to the states. Trump was first asked about the issue during an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America”: GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: What do you think of that directive from the administration on transgender rights? DONALD TRUMP: Well I believe that it should be states’ rights, and

A Tremendous Opportunity for Donald Trump

According to a report in The New York Times, in an unprecedented executive overreach, the Obama administration will “issue a sweeping directive” today mandating that every public school district in the country allow transgender students to use the showers, restrooms, and changing rooms that “match their gender identity.” The New York Times reported that the directive “does not have the force of law, but it contains an implicit threat: Schools that do not abide by the Obama administration’s interpretation of the law could face lawsuits or a loss of federal aid.” In a phone interview on Fox & Friends, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump issued

Obama’s Latest Power Grab: Forcing Schools to Accept Radical Transgender Ideology

A letter is going out today from Emperor Obama’s henchman at the Departments of “Education” and “Justice,” implicitly threatening public schools with loss of federal funding if they protect private restrooms and locker rooms for schoolchildren. The ideologues have no legal basis for this decree. The Constitution doesn’t allow it. Nor does Title IX of the Civil Rights Act (the fragile peg on which they hang this coal of mail), which prohibits discrimination in schools on the basis of “sex” but not “gender identity.” The vast weight of legal authority is clear on this. But Obama assumes (not without reason)

Help Wanted: Leaders Willing to Stand Up to Washington Bullies

Attorney General Loretta Lynch proclaims that moms and dads who don’t want their little girls forced to share restrooms with grown men are just reincarnated Bull Connors. Presumably Lynch speaks for the man she worships — or rather works for — who is blowing past all constitutional and statutory boundaries to complete his fundamental transformation of America before he assumes the title of Emperor Emeritus. But perhaps to their surprise, Obama and Lynch are facing some pushback. First, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory failed to roll over under the federal threats and instead challenged the lawless intimidation tactics in court.