Gov. McCrory Refuses to Submit to Left’s War on Reality

While other Republican governors, such as Nathan Deal of Georgia, shrink from doing anything to annoy the federal government or mega-corporations, Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina seems to be made of sterner stuff. The Obama administration’s Department of Justice demanded on May 4 that the N.C. state government drop its law (HB-2) reserving public restrooms for members of the designated biological sex. McCrory was given four days — including a weekend — to knuckle under. The Governor’s response? We’ll see you in court. On Monday (deadline day), McCrory filed a lawsuit in federal court in North Carolina challenging the

Ignore the Spin: North Carolina’s Bathroom Law Is Remarkably Tolerant

For six weeks, North Carolina has been the target of withering attacks from politicians, businesses, sports organizations and LGBT activists. The state’s major alleged crime is, to quote Bruce Springsteen, the passage of a law that “dictates which bathrooms transgender people are permitted to use.” The law has led to economic boycotts by Bruce Springsteen, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and executives at PayPal among others, as well as what one conservative attorney has called “bullying” from the U.S. Department of Justice. Doubling the social crime in the eyes of many is that the law overturned a so-called “non-discrimination” ordinance

Trump, Cruz Escalate Attacks as Indiana Vote Nears

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are in the midst of making their final pitches to the people of Indiana before next Tuesday’s primary, spending millions of dollars on television advertising throughout the state. Trump has largely focused on trade deals and outsourcing, attacking local manufacturer Carrier Corp for its plans to move 2,100 jobs to Mexico. Cruz, meanwhile, has largely focused on Trump’s recent statements against North Carolina’s bathroom bill, and has repeatedly compared Trump’s policies to those of Hillary Clinton. A recent ad from the Trump campaign features Donald Trump Jr. praising his father’s tough persona, stating, “It’s that

Cruz: Trump’s Surrender on Bathroom Bill “Reveals, Really, Who Donald Trump Is”

Ted Cruz is pushing back hard against Donald Trump’s reluctance to take on the Left’s aggression on overturning local norms: TONY KATZ: How do you sell yourself as the guy to Indiana who should be the person making [Supreme Court] nominations? CRUZ: Well, I’ve spent my entire adult life fighting to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Before I was in the Supreme Court, I was the Solicitor General of Texas, the chief lawyer for the state of Texas in front of the Supreme Court before I was serving in the Senate, and have repeatedly represented the state of

This Washington Post “Fact Check” Will Make Your Head Explode

Michelle Ye Hee Lee at The Washington Post decided to “fact check” Ted Cruz today on a statement he made to Glenn Beck last week about the transgender bathroom issue: You’ve got the Obama Education Department suing to try to force junior highs to let teenage boys shower with teenage girls. That’s crazy. As we’ve seen in the past, readers should be wary of self-proclaimed “fact-checkers,” as there is almost always a hidden agenda. PolitiFact, for example, has demonstrated itself to be biased and wrong on several different occasions. Right out of the gates, Lee pushes a pretty ridiculous agenda

How the Left Is Waging an Actual War on Women

In 2012 the American left accused Republicans of waging a “war on women” for their attempts to block public funding of abortion and birth control pills. They claimed that Republicans wanted to harm women and ban “access” to birth control and even went so far as accusing Republicans of supporting legislation that would “redefine rape.” It was political theater and hyperbole at its worst. Fast forward to 2016. The American left, in their efforts to redefine the culture and further eliminate any opposition to the agenda of the LGBT lobby, has now embraced the dangerous position of making it a

Voters to Washington: “The System is Rigged”

Donald Trump is a genius. His latest attacks on Ted Cruz are resonating widely. The new PPP poll has Trump at 51 percent, up 26 points in Pennsylvania, and at an astonishing 59 percent in Connecticut, up 34 points over Kasich, with Cruz lagging behind in the low teens. Cruz keeps snuffling up delegates, while Trump is winning at the ballot box.  Why? The genius of Trump is that he has in his attacks on Cruz put his fingers on the pulse of what the American people are feeling right now, the strongest message they want conveyed to Washington elites: “The system is

Trump Revises Stance on N.C. Bathroom Law: “States Should Make the Decision”

After stirring up controversy with his comments yesterday morning seeming to criticize North Carolina for its “bathroom law,” Donald Trump walked back his position last night on Fox News’ “Hannity,” telling host Sean Hannity that he believes the issue of transgenders and bathrooms should be left up to states or local communities: HANNITY: Let me ask — I know there’s a huge issue in North Carolina, and it’s a so-called bathroom law. And a lot of people have made — I don’t know how many people this actually impacts. My guess is it’s a very small number. But it’s become