WTF!? Biden’s USAID Launches $125 Million Project To Find 12,000 New Viruses.

Joe Biden’s U.S. Agency for International Development launched a new $125 million dollar project with Washington State University and foreign collaborators to discover over 10,000 novel viruses in nature. The ambitious program follows the agency funding a similar form of research conducted by EcoHealth Alliance and its controversial partner: the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Many experts believe this Chinese Communist Party-run lab is the source of COVID-19. The new program, announced by Washington State University (WSU) on October 5th, will endeavor “to collect over 800,000 samples in the five years of the project.” “This process is expected to yield 8,000

Biden’s USAID Nominee ‘Lobbied’ to remove Terror-Linked Group from U.S. Blacklist

President Biden’s pick to lead the U.S. Agency for International Development, Samantha Power, previously “lobbied” to remove an Iranian organization funding terrorism from the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons list. The unearthed effort, revealed via a letter from Senator Charles Grassley, notes that “several emails uncovered during my investigation show that while you were the Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), you were involved in efforts to delist (Islamic Relief Agency) ISRA from the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN) list.” ISRA, which has aided and funneled millions to Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, appears to have enjoyed help from then-UN

LGBTQ Activists Attempt to Sabotage Yet Another Trump Appointee

President Trump has LGBTQ advocates worried with his newest appointment of Bethany Kozma to the position Senior Adviser to the Office of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment at the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Kozma has previously held positions in the White House and Department of Homeland Security under George W. Bush, but is more well known for her work after she left the government. In 2016, she helped launch United We Stand, an organization established to inform parents about the Obama administration’s transgender bathroom edict and encourage them to oppose it for the sake of their children’s —

BREAKING: New Trump Policy Defunding Overseas Abortions Takes Effect

It’s time for 83 percent of Americans to celebrate! That’s because President Trump’s administration just implemented a modernized Mexico City Policy, a move which fulfills the wishes of the 83 percent of Americans who “oppose using tax dollars to support abortion in other countries.” Even the majority of “pro-choicers” have reason to celebrate President Trump’s action today since 73 percent of them are opposed to funding overseas abortions with American dollars.      The new plan — called “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance” — goes beyond the original policy enacted by Ronald Reagan and reinstated by George W. Bush which

New Obama Admin Rule Could Bar Religious Charities from Federal Funding

Religious freedom is under assault once again by the Obama administration, this time thanks to a new rule announced last week by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). According to the rule, recipients of federal grants from USAID are now prohibited from discriminating in the provision of services on the basis of, among other things, “gender identity” and “sexual orientation.” While innocent sounding on its face, as the Washington Times reports, the new rule could have an enormous impact on who the federal government contracts with, particularly when it comes to faith-based groups: Roger Severino, director of the Heritage