Academic Blasting Churchill Over Racial Views Tweeted “White Lives Don’t Matter.”

Priya Gopal – the Marxist professor claiming Sir Winston Churchill was a “racist” – has previously attacked white people, claiming “white lives don’t matter” and calling for an “abolition” of “whiteness.” Gopal, 53, moved to the United Kingdom to take advantage of the same free society and education systems she is now attacking. The daughter of an Indian diplomat, Gopal has lived in Sri Lanka, Austria, and the UK and is now taking aim at her new country’s history. Cambridge’s Varsity magazine reported: A panel held last week (11/02) by Churchill College critically discussed Winston Churchill and the legacy of

Biden Removes Churchill Bust From Oval Office

President Biden removed the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office in his first day on the job. The bust of the former British Prime Minister was placed in the Trump White House at the urging of National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam and Brexit architect Nigel Farage after it was removed by President Barack Obama. During Biden’s first day serving as President, he replaced the bust, which was originally a gift to the White House in 2001 from then-Prime Minister Tony Blair, with a bust of labor activist Cesar Chavez. The change was noticed as reporters were invited into

What Makes Our Relationship with Great Britain So “Special”?

There has been a great deal of news coverage recently discussing the relationship between Great Britain and the United States. Indeed, we regard our alliance as one of the most important and powerful alliances in the history of the world. Of course, it wasn’t always this way. Remember when the Redcoats burned down the White House? National Humanities Medal holder Lewis E. Lehrman is out with a new book, Churchill, Roosevelt & Company: Studies in Character and Statecraft, and it is an absolute must-read. The book answers a basic question: How did these two global superpowers go from staunch geopolitical