Chat: What Happened to Ted Cruz?

We held a chat this morning with several The Pulse 2016 contributors to discuss the end of Ted Cruz’s campaign. Where does the conservative movement go from here? Can Donald Trump be trusted by social conservatives? Participants included: Jon Schweppe, Communications Director, American Principles Project Shane Vander Hart, Editor-in-Chief for Ralph Benko, Senior Economic Advisor, American Principles Project Mary Powers, pro-life conservative writer, and contributor to The Pulse 2016. schweppe [10:04 AM]: Okay. Well, let’s get started. Thanks to all of you for joining. ralphbenko [10:05 AM]: You are welcome, Jon. schweppe [10:05 AM] Last night, Ted Cruz dropped out of the race after

Huckabee: Pro-Lifers Have Been Fighting Abortion Battle “the Wrong Way”

Addressing the National Religious Liberties Conference last week, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee discussed the need to overturn Roe v. Wade and suggested pro-lifers should approach the issue with a different strategy.  You can see Huckabee’s remarks below: MIKE HUCKABEE: For 42 years we’ve seen 60 million unborn children slain in their mother’s womb. I don’t know how in the world we honestly can pray ‘God bless America’ when we have acted like a savage uncivilized country in relation to unborn children. But once again, instead of us wringing our hands, and maybe pretending we’re gonna change the Constitution or overturn

Carson on Abortion: Will Never Be Convinced “That’s a Meaningless Mass of Cells”

Dr. Ben Carson sat down with Fox News’ Marc Siegel last week, where he fielded a question on his views on abortion.  You can see his response below: MARC SIEGEL:  Talk to me about abortion. I specifically want you to talk about it because I think, and I read your views on it, I think because you’re a physician, a neurosurgeon, a pediatric neurosurgeon, no less, you understand more what’s going on for a fetus inside the womb. BEN CARSON:  Well, you know, I’ve spent many, many a day, and many a night, you know, operating on premature babies. And, you

Carson Weighs in on Transgender Controversies (VIDEO)

Ben Carson sat down last week for an interview with Jorge Ramos, where he was asked for his thoughts on the controversy surrounding the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance which was rejected by voters.  You can see his response below: JORGE RAMOS: Let me ask you — In Houston recently they rejected a measure that would have banned discrimination against the LGBT community. Dr. Carson, should transgender men and women use any public bathroom they choose? BEN CARSON: How about we have a transgender bathroom? RAMOS: Would that be your solution, your proposal? CARSON: Sure. Absolutely. There is absolutely no reason

Top 5 Stories of the Week

5.) Science Shows Married Couples Protect Children Over at National Review, Professor Bradford Wilcox says it’s been a rough week for family structure denialists: It’s been a rough two weeks for the family-structure denialists, those progressive academics (Philip Cohen, “How to Live in a World Where Marriage Is in Decline”), journalists (Katie Roiphe, “New York Times, Stop Moralizing About Single Mothers”), and pundits (Matthew Yglesias, “The ‘Decline’ of Marriage Isn’t a Problem”) who seek to minimize or deny the importance of marriage and family structure. That’s because three new pieces of scholarship — a journal, a report, and a study — were

Santorum: Accommodation Should Have Been Made for Kim Davis

Rick Santorum appeared on Fox News yesterday, where he discussed the ongoing controversy surrounding Kentucky clerk Kim Davis: GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: So, should she have gone to jail? RICK SANTORUM: No. You had the mayor of San Francisco violating the law several years ago issuing marriage certificates; he didn’t go to jail. You’ve had county clerks refusing to issue gun permits; they don’t go to jail. Why — VAN SUSTEREN: Okay, so where do we draw the line? Tonight if I drive home and if I speed, should I have to pay a speeding ticket? I mean, at what point

Demand the Government Free Kim Davis!

A federal judge just put Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk, in jail for refusing to marry same-sex couples. If you admire her courage and willingness to sacrifice for her beliefs; agree this jailing is a waste of taxpayer money; and want a better, more generous and tolerant solution to gay marriage conflicts, sign the petition below to Gov. Steve Beshear of Kentucky. Governor, call a Special Session and permit gay marriage dissenters to step aside. Let everyone be free to live as they choose. UPDATE: Kim Davis has been freed!