A Totally Serious Salon Blogger Accidentally (Yet Brilliantly) Satirizes the Left

Last Friday, I wrote a piece for The Hill urging establishment Republicans to resist the impulse to abandon President Trump and instead embrace his agenda. If the Republican Party turns against Trump, I argued, “it would be a death blow to conservative resistance and revival in America.” It’s a simple argument: Trump is in sync with the electorate right now, and establishment Republicans generally aren’t. A rejection of Trump’s winning formula (and his unrelenting attacks on progressivism) by party leaders would be a surefire way to kill the GOP and usher in decades of electoral irrelevancy. It would be the

Dr. Carson Is a Class Act

Beautiful statement from Dr. Ben Carson on the Charleston shootings. Yes there is racism and yes there is evil. The answer is to learn to love one another across our differences, not fan the flames: Last night evil walked the streets of Charleston. My heart aches for the families of the victims. I pray for the families left behind. I pray for the community scared and hurting. I also pray you and I can conquer hatred. In my lifetime I have seen such great progress. Though racial based hate is still very much alive as last night so violently reminded