The Implosion of the Left: Diagnosing a Troubling Record of Public Engagement

“You push back on them. Tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere!” California Congresswoman Maxine Waters stood gesticulating in the midst of a crowd of supporters in Los Angeles, whipping up emotions against Republicans. She belted a voice developed over five years in Washington — poised and confident, knowing well what sort of waves her words would create. Stumping alone on the far-Left Coast, Ms. Waters’ aggression echoed the boiling sentiment of millions of progressive Americans, enraged at our country’s current circumstances. Although the rhetoric of Ms. Waters and her allies may seem unnecessarily provocative, even dangerous, the truth is

The Triumph of David Hogg — And the Death of Civil Discourse

The American tapestry is woven extensively with stories of conflict — from the first settlement at Jamestown, to the Civil War and the numerous battles in-between that took place as the United States developed and grew as a nation. Men fought at great cost to both defend and advance policies that ultimately shaped the country we are now. Even today, divergent opinions have remained both a source of discontent and a source of motivation for change. That has always been the case where humanity is concerned, and will probably remain unchanged in perpetuity. What has changed, however, is how dialogues

Americans Are More Polarized Than Ever — And It’s Destroying the Country

In case you haven’t noticed, the United States is currently weathering one of the most polarized eras of the country’s history. After arguably the most divisive presidential election in modern times, Americans are increasingly entrenching themselves inside their echo-chambered bunkers as social controversies proliferate. Whether it be the NFL National Anthem protests, the Emmy Awards or the latest tragedy in Las Vegas, many Americans have become all too eager to point fingers rather than find common ground; they turn to scapegoating rather than seeking to find solutions. This troubling trajectory is unsustainable and will further decimate the foundations of the