Is the Government Keeping Americans from Their Dream Jobs?

Recently the House Freedom Caucus succeeded in torpedoing a vote on Congress’ latest farm bill. While some believe that passage of this legislation was necessary to help American agriculture, an eye-opening new book by John Tamny, Director of the Center for Economic

‘What Taylor Swift, Uber, and Robots Tell Us…’

So, as the headline has it, begins the subtitle of John Tamny’s latest book, Who Needs the Fed? It might have been even more aptly titled The Emperor Has No Clothes. It explodes the myth that government agencies, especially the Federal Reserve

Ending Monopoly Money

John Tamny’s new book Who Needs the Fed? is richly praised by such towering figures as George Will, who observes that “John Tamny [is] a one -man antidote to economic obfuscation and mystification,” and by Steve Forbes, who writes of it, “Like