NO SURPRISE: Facebook’s Trump-Banning Oversight Board Is Virtually All Far-Left, Soros-Funded Activists.

The Facebook Oversight Board’s recent decision to make Donald Trump’s ban from the platform permanent should come as no surprise: the body is overwhelmingly comprised of left-wing, “Never Trump” activists and individuals on the payroll of George Soros. Facebook describes the board as wielding “judgment over some of the most difficult and significant content decisions” and has the power to overrule the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. Among its members are six individuals linked to organizations that are heavily funded by the progressive megadonor George Soros, former aides to Kamala Harris, and Obama administration alumni. And beyond retaining anti-Trump institutional affiliations, many


UK Pro-Censorship Group Feat. Christopher Steele Vows to Interfere in U.S. Politics AND Force Facebook to Ban Bannon

A group calling itself ‘The Real Facebook Oversight Board’ – a play on the already wildly left-wing, actual Facebook Oversight Board – includes Soros-backed activists, reporters who have had to retract claims on Russian collusion, and the Russiagate spy himself Christopher Steele, The National Pulse can reveal.  The board, which claims it wants to influence “Facebook’s role in the US election,” recently announced its first campaign: banning former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon from Mark Zuckerberg’s platform. Curiously, the group – which has stated its aims surrounding the U.S. election and U.S. politics – is based in the United