DENTON: Apple May Soon Have to Choose Between China’s WeChat, and Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Elon Musk recently revealed that Apple had threatened to remove Twitter from its App Store. Two days later, after meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Musk tweeted that the threat was simply a misunderstanding. Musk’s free speech aspirations for Twitter appear to be what put the company in Apple’s crosshairs. While Musk may have dodged a bullet this time, the prospect of a ruinous delisting will loom as long as Apple’s duopoly (alongside Google) over the app market endures. This control has made Apple one of the most powerful gatekeepers of the internet. Abuse of Power. Since Musk’s Twitter acquisition,

Bipartisan Effort to Restrain Big Tech Gains Momentum

Bipartisan momentum is growing against big tech companies as state attorneys general come together to challenge big tech companies. Last month a coalition of 48 state attorneys general, led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, announced a joint antitrust investigation into Google. Paxton charged that Google “dominates all aspects of advertising on the Internet and searching on the Internet.” The attorneys general are in close contact with the federal government, which has taken steps of its own to investigate Google and other tech companies. Only two state attorneys general declined to join the probe: California — home to Google and thousands

Fears of a Big Tech Monopoly Are Overblown — Here’s Why

In a disappointing setback for an administration that has promoted greater economic freedom, reports indicate that Trump’s Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission are investigating four of America’s most successful businesses for anti-trust violations. The Hill reports: The federal government’s top antitrust enforcers, the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission (FTC), have reportedly reached an agreement on how to divide up their responsibilities for investigating Silicon Valley’s biggest companies, with the Justice Department setting its sights on Apple and Google and the FTC taking the lead on Facebook and Amazon. The agencies are said to be weighing whether

Why Amazon’s 20 Finalist Cities Shouldn’t Get Too Excited

Amazon has released its list of 20 finalists to host its second headquarters — and the massive influx of new residents that comes with it. However, although the various city councils for these 20 finalists are currently patting themselves on the back, there are reasons they should perhaps temper their excitement. First, a list of 20 finalists is not really a final list at all. When Amazon announced it would build a second headquarters, they probably had these 20 cities in mind already — they just wanted to create buzz and competition. Now they have convinced 20 cities they each

Progressives Used to Fight “Robber Barons.” Now They Support Them.

The far left takes a Marxist interpretation of American history: that America is the most powerful nation on earth because it exploited its own people, plundered and pillaged other countries, and generally cheated its way to the top. They point to the “robber barons” of the late 19th century — men like Andrew Carnegie and Cornelius Vanderbilt, who took the Industrial Revolution to its fullest potential and, though they certainly exploited people along the way, also gave away most of their fortunes to charitable causes. They are messy and complicated figures who did a lot of good, but also a lot