National Pulse Patriot of The Year 2021: Stephen K. Bannon.

The National Pulse is today announcing its second annual Patriot of the Year Award, handing the honor to former White House Chief Strategist and host of the War Room: Pandemic podcast, Stephen K. Bannon. Bannon, 68, rose to major national attention in 2016, helping lead the Trump campaign to a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party machine. Since then, Bannon has served as Chief Strategist in the White House, and founded the wildly successful War Room: Pandemic podcast alongside former Trump comms chief Jason Miller and National Pulse editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam. Born in Norfolk, Virginia, Bannon is

CORTES – Even CNN’s Polling Shows Energized 2022 Voters Are Split on Whether 2020 Was Stolen.

As the new year beckons and the crucial 2022 mid-term elections loom large, it becomes increasingly evident that the smoke has still not cleared from the 2020 presidential election and the controversy over the accuracy of the official results. If anything, recent polling data and the latest 2022 campaign dynamics suggest that the real energy of the Republican Party lies among highly-informed, keenly-motivated citizens who maintain that the November 3rd, 2020 vote was badly marred by irregularities and constitutional violations that anointed Joe Biden as an illegitimate president. Even CNN acknowledges this reality, as expressed by their senior number cruncher

Genocide-Denying Leftists Falsely Claim Steve Bannon Told His Audience to Have ‘White Babies’.

Well-documented genocide denier Cenk Uygur has falsely claimed to his “Young Turks” audience that War Room: Pandemic host and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon demanded people have “white babies”. In a YouTube clip seen by around 120,000 people, Uygur – whose show is named after the mass murdering group from the early 1900s Ottoman Empire – tells his audience that Bannon wants “a certain kind of baby” being born in the West. The clip is then falsely titled, “Steve Bannon: White Babies Will “Save Civilization,”” and labelled “#BreakingNews”. In the clip, War Room correspondent Benjamin Harnwell declares, “Europe

Left Media Panic Over Bannon ‘Blowing Up the Whole System’ With Legal Fight.

The Daily Beast – a far-left web blog – appears to be channeling the panic emanating from those who have supported the criminal prosecution of former Trump advisor Stephen K. Bannon for “contempt of Congress”. In an article from Thursday morning, the site reports: Bannon is attempting to force investigators to potentially expose who they’ve talked to and what they’ve said, peek into secret communications on the committee, and create a playbook for other resistant witnesses, according to several legal experts. … As Bannon faces criminal charges, he’s entitled to the evidence against him. And in a typical galaxy-brain, Bannon

Steve Bannon Wants All Documents Related to His Contempt Charges Made Public, Which Biden’s DOJ is Desperately Resisting.

Former advisor to President Trump, Stephen K. Bannon, has filed a motion to the U.S. district court in order for documents related to his contempt of Congress case to be released publicly. The motion was filed in opposition to the court’s protective order for discovery, which currently prevents both the defense and prosecution from releasing evidence or documents to the public. In a statement provided on behalf of Bannon to the Washington Post, he said, “In the opposition filed today, Mr. Bannon asked the judge to follow the normal process and allow unfettered access to and use of t he

POLL: Bannon/O’Keefe Targeting Viewed as Politically Motivated by Majority of Voters.

The charges faced by former Trump White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon and the raid of right-wing reporter James O’Keefe’s home are both viewed as “politically motivated” by a majority of American voters, a new Rasmussen poll has revealed. Seen exclusively by The National Pulse, the latest Rasmussen data comes in the same week Bannon, 67, pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to two misdemeanor charges for alleged Contempt of Congress. Bannon refused to co-operate with a Democrat-led commission’s attempts to break the convention of Executive Privilege which guards the communications of Presidents of the United States for national security and to

EXC: Jan 6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson Called Secessionist Nation Of Islam Program ‘Absolutely Important.’

Rep. Bennie Thompson – chairman of the Congressional January 6th Commission – praised a program sponsored by a separatist Nation of Islam faction as “absolutely important,” The National Pulse can reveal. Thompson, who has also supported the extremist secessionist group the Republic of New Afrika (RNA), joined the New Nation of Islam’s (NNOI) radio program in April 2014. Ahead of Thompson’s hour-long long discussion with the “Son of Man,” the leader of the NNOI, he praised the radio program as “absolutely important”: “Your program is absolutely important to people in southwest Mississippi that’s why I think it’s so good [unclear]

EXC: Jan 6 Commission Member Rep. Elaine Luria Made Six Figure Investments In Chinese Communist Party ‘Tool.’

Rep. Elaine Luria – a member of the Congressional January 6th Commission – made six-figure investments in a Chinese Communist Party-linked tech firm flagged by the U.S. State Department for aiding the regime’s military and espionage capabilities, The National Pulse can reveal. The Virginia Congresswoman‘s most recent financial disclosure reveals an investment worth $250,000 to $500,000 in Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce giant whose executives include powerful members of the Chinese Communist Party. Alibaba has also been involved in the “research, production, and repair of weapons and equipment for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)” and has a “deep record of cooperation

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