States Rush to Adopt “Social Emotional Learning” Standards, Despite Red Flags

Despite all evidence and even advice from proponents to be careful in the implementation, supporters of social emotional learning (SEL) standards, assessments, and data collection are following the same playbook as those who imposed Common Core standards with little discussion or buy-in from parents and teachers. As recently discussed, the full Ohio State Board of Education (OSBOE) is preparing to adopt statewide social emotional learning (SEL) standards at its meeting tomorrow after a subcommittee adopted them in May. Arkansas is also imposing new SEL standards with minimal discussion between the SBOE and the public. Thanks to Ohio SBOE members like

Judge Denies Planned Parenthood Taxpayer Funds in Crucial Pro-Life Win

In a win for the pro-life movement, Arkansas’ decision to cut off all of Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid funding was upheld this past week by a federal court of appeals. In August 2015, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced that Arkansas would be severing state contracts with Planned Parenthood in response to the release of undercover videos revealing the organization’s role in trafficking aborted body parts. The Department of Human Services announced to Planned Parenthood that their contract would be canceled within 30 days, but that the organization had the right to an administrative appeal under state law. Planned Parenthood was quick to round