BREXIT BUMP: U.S. Ends Aluminium and Steel Tariffs with Britain.

The U.S. government has announced an agreement to end tariffs on steel and aluminium, while the UK will now lift levies on American whiskey, tobacco, jeans, and motorcycles, in an apparent Brexit boosting deal. Due to the European Union – which Britain was part of until 2020 – imposing tariffs on American products to retaliate for levies made under Trump in 2018, the UK remained under and maintained tariffs on American goods. Under this week’s new deal, Britain will lift tariffs on $500 million American imports, from items such as alcohol or consumer goods. The announcement sees a victory for

The Virginia Result Heralds The End of the ‘Obama Effect’.

In April 2016, just months before he was due to leave the White House, then-U.S. President Barack Obama travelled to London, England to engage in a far shadier attempt at “foreign intervention” in another country’s election process than Donald Trump was ever party to. Arriving in London, he told an audience that Britain would find herself “at the back of the queue” for a trade deal with the United States if the public insisted on voting to leave the European Union. At that point in the campaign, the “Remain” or anti-Brexit side had a 10 point lead in the polls,

BREXIT: 20% of “Remain” Voters Would Now Opt to Leave EU, Polling Shows.

A Bloomberg poll found that support for “Brexit” has grown even among individuals who voted to remain in the European Union in 2016. “Almost one in five of those who voted to remain in the EU in 2016 would choose to stay out now, according to the poll. By contrast, only 9% of 2016 leave voters want to re-join,” an April 12th Bloomberg report notes. The article, which highlights the European Union’s poor and “hostile” handling of vaccination programs, added that the poll “shows support for Brexit has grown since the historic 2016 referendum, and almost two-thirds of adults believe

BREAKING: Farage Quits Politics, Will Use Media to Take Aim At Chinese Communist Influence and ‘Woke Agenda’

Brexit hero Nigel Farage has told Britain’s Daily Telegraph that he intends to never run for elected office again, but that he is not going into retirement. Farage, 56, told Christopher Hope he feels he has achieved everything he can in electoral politics, but that he will continue to campaign on issues important to him “through media and social media.” Specifically, Farage points to the high levels of Chinese Communist involvement in British politics, as well as social justice causes that he calls the “woke agenda.” You can listen to Farage’s announcement and his discussion with reporter Chris Hope, here:

Day 7 of Biden Regime: Crimate Clisis.

On Day 7 of the Biden-Harris regime, the White House pulled out all the stops to tackle everyday Americans’ biggest concern: climate change. Womp womp. Fighting Climate Change… Absolutely Everywhere. Continuing an historic, dictatorial spree of executive actions, the Biden-Harris White House announced a slew of new steps to make climate change a central consideration in U.S. foreign policy and national security and make “environmental justice” part of the mission of every federal agency. Among the actions: developing the United States’ “nationally determined contribution” under the Paris Climate Accord, establishing the Office of Domestic Climate Policy, a halt on new

Day 6 of Biden Regime: We’ll Circle Back to You on That.

Day 6 of the Biden-Harris regime found the President in high spirits after getting off the phone with Putin, deigning to crack a joke at Peter Doocy of Fox News instead of taking questions from the press. Details of Putin Call Are A Laughing Matter, Apparently. Who said former TV star and repeat SNL host Donald J. Trump was the most entertaining U.S. president of all time? When Fox correspondent Peter Doocy asked President Joe Biden what was discussed on his call with Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin, Biden was all jokes. “You. He sends his best,” the president quipped.

Day 5 for the Biden Regime: Holding China Accountable… Some Other Time.

Day 5 of the Biden-Harris regime: a rebrand for Trump accomplishments, and “strategic patience” for the CCP. Reimposing Trump Travel Ban. Biden reimposed restrictions on most non-U.S. citizens who have recently been to Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and 26 European countries that allow travel across open borders, and added South Africa to the list due to new COVID-19 variants. President Trump imposed similar restrictions, but ordered them lifted during his final days in office. Unlike Trump, Biden will not be accused of xenophobia and fear-mongering for moving to reinstate them. Gender Change Surgery, Hormone Therapy for America’s Fighting Forces.